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Starfinder – Rotating Hilts

The Grand Inquisitor activates his hilt.

Watching the new Obi-Wan series something stuck out to me. First introduced in the Rebels cartoon, the Sith Inquisitors all have light sabers that are not only dual-weapons, they also all feature a relatively unique hilt setup that allows the blades to rotate like a fan. It’s not used very […]

Starfinder – Morbius

Its Morbin Time.

So Morbius hasn’t exactly managed to conquer the box office with it’s re-release this weekend, Morbin memes non-withstanding, and full disclosure – I haven’t seen the film yet either. But fear not, stalwart Morb-fans! I’m very familiar with the character of Michael Morbius and his long existence in Marvel comics. […]

PaizoCon 2022 – Assimilation Strain

The Assimilation Strain.

It’s PaizoCon time! I can’t make it in person this year, so I’ll be doing the online con thing again, but I will be running a game for Legendary Games on Saturday – The Assimilation Strain Recently converted to Pathfinder 2E and D&D 5E, the Assimilation Strain is the prelude […]

Starfinder – Drift Crisis

Protean Attack.

I’ve noticed that folks seem to like the Starfinder book previews over the last year, and since I’ve got my digital copy of Drift Crisis, I thought I’d continue the series. It’s a different style of book than we’ve seen before in the Starfinder line, and maybe in any TTRPG […]

Starfinder – Kobolds in Space!

Starfinder Kobold.

Kobolds in space! With just those three words we already have a mental picture full of industrious little dragonkin eagerly tinkering with high tech, dragon themed devices while dealing with a species wide inferiority complex. Thanks to the Starfinder Alien Character Deck we already have the basic write up for […]

Starfinder – Fan Adaptations

Guardians of the Galaxy.

We live in something of a SciFi/SciFantasy golden age right now, in terms of media. So many shows and franchises are out that I literally cannot stay current on all of them. It’s the best of problems to have, and I’m definitely not complaining. But what if you want to […]

Starfinder – Into the Simulation

Into the Simulation

One of the formative movies of my youth was the story of a programmer getting hijacked into an emergent AI’s dreamscape, forced to fight in a rebellion against digital constructs in service to this AI and overthrow it. That movie is, of course, TRON. It is by no means the […]