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Starfinder – Galactic Magic

Galactic Magic.

I know a lot of subscribers already have Galactic Magic in hand, as it dropped for download last week (after the long shipping delay.) If you don’t, and/or have been waiting for some feedback on what is in the book, here’s a run down for you. Magic has often been […]

Starfinder – Road Warriors

Scenematic Bike Fight!

Here’s a scene I’ve always wanted to do in Starfinder – The players are making their getaway from raiding the gang hideout, getting away with the money and whatever maguffin the plot currently centers on. They hop on their hover bikes and take off, gang members hot on their heels. […]

Starfinder – Egyptian Gods in Space

Pyramid ship from Stargate (1994)

There is something about Egyptology and Science Fiction. Whether it’s in movies, comics, or anime, putting Ancient Egyptian elements on top of or inspired by alien cultures is a running theme. I suspect it is due the period of time when Heiroglyphics were both easy to find and impossible to […]

Starfinder Infinite

Starfinder Infinite - The Reach of Hell.

As I was getting my first submission up on Starfinder Infinite, I found I was searching for a walkthrough on the process multiple times. Not a knock against the site, I just struggled with the specifics of creating the listing.  So, my pain is your gain. Here is a walk […]

Unionize Paizo

United Paizo Workers

No regular blog post this week. Instead, I’m using this space to promote the Union efforts at Paizo. The people who create these games, these worlds, that we love so much, need a safe place to work, enough time to do the work well, and all the things that enable […]