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Starfinder – Werewolves in Space!

Saberwulf from Rare's Killer Instinct

Real quick – lowered the prices on my adventure and Infinite pubs. Links and details in the mid-week post. As spoopy season comes to a close, it’s time to address the were-elephant in the room. Of course, I’m talking about the lack of lycanthropy in Starfinder. For the most part […]

Starfinder – Call Army of the Dead

Star Wars: The Clone Wars battle of Dathomir

Zombies often straddle the line between SciFi and Fantasy where the two genres intersect with horror. Sometimes as the result of a disease or hyper-science, sometimes via a ‘SciFi’ source so esoteric and mysterious it might as well be magic, and sometimes in a Sci-Fantasy Horror collision of the three […]

Starfinder – Starfinder Enhanced

Starfinder Enhanced cover art by Ignacio Bazan Lazcano

Putting Spooky Season on hold for a weekend, the new Starfinder Enhanced book is out for subscribers this week. I really like what I see in this book, and the art is fantastic. Let’s do a quick dive. Character Options & Equipment 11 themes, 9 new archetypes, 12 creature companions, […]

Starfinder – Space Whale Graveyard

It’s officially spoopy season, so we’ll start with the themed October content this week. Expect more Sci-fi / Sci-Fantasy horror throughout the month. Here’s an evocative phrase: ‘space whale graveyard.’ The concept isn’t hard to fathom. It’s a place (or several places) where, like the elephants in the myth, the […]