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Starfinder – The Endless Horizon

Skull Island concept art by Karl Lindberg

So I’ve been thinking about kaiju in Starfinder a lot lately (as previous weeks have shown). There are a few problems with them that immediately stand out: Why would anyone live near them? In setting the people of Daimalko carve out a tenuous existence in underground warrens and heavily fortified […]

Extra Life and some Art

Castrovel Devil

I’m working on more content for y’all, but this week is just a little bit of a grab bag. First off, I’ve been working on some new character art, something to use for your more martial Starfinder characters. I’ve been calling him the Castrovel Devil. Next up, I’ll be part […]

Starfinder – Godzilla VS Kong

This week the world bore witness to the epic battle between a gigantic radioactive dinosaur and a really big gorilla. Of course, the movie offers more than that, with some twists, additional monsters, and more, but the core narrative is kaiju battles, and it does not disappoint. Seems like this […]