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Starfinder – Venom Spur

Venom Spur

When Starfinder launched there was talk about how much had to be edited in order to make the book a viable size (and at 523 pages, it is still a hefty tome.) This is why we have enough equipment to get the basics done, but didn’t really get a variety […]

Art Post – Kirin wip


I mostly use this blog to post game content for Starfinder, but I had intended it to be a place to put up art projects I was working on too. I haven’t done much of that, but here is a start – I started this piece awhile back. I’ve got […]

Starfinder – Skyjacks

Does your party have methods to overcome darkness? Do they post watches? How about ways to fly? The skyjack (the unknown flying creatures from the Mandalorian) will soon teach them the errors of their ways. Throw an encounter with a pack of skyjacks at them and watch them scramble to […]