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Starfinder – Welcome to IHoS

Interstellar Haus of Sustenance.

Picture the scene – Your players have just come back from the Vast having fought off some unspeakable horror, and they are ready to return to civilized space. Only, coming back from Gods Knows Where means you are coming back to the fringes of the space you know, and at […]

Starfinder – What Could Have Been

Three Spider-men

The new Dark Archive book is out for Pathfinder 2nd Edition, which wouldn’t normally effect Starfinder much, but the Time Mage Dedication looks like it’s stealing a bit of the Precog’s thunder. More specifically, the feat What Could Have Been – Allusions to Arcane and a certain Sting song aside, […]

Starfinder – The Gorn

The Gorn Identity.

I don’t cover a lot of Star Trek here. Part of that is, despite a host of time travel shenanigans, near omnipotent psychics of all strips, energy beings with powers that defy all physics, and a stream of techno-babble, Trek is the hard science sci-fi show when compared to Wars. […]