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Owlcon 2024

Just a quick post, as I’m going to be busy with the Con this weekend. Which is to say, no blog this weekend, but back to our regular schedule next weekend. Also, welcome all the new readers from Poland. Hope everything translates well enough, and that you folks are enjoying […]

Starfinder News

Starfinder Society Season 7 - Era's End

Lots of news and upcoming events, and your humble author is busy busy, so let’s get into what is happening. CON APPEARANCES I’ll be running a couple author tables of SFS 6-11 Gifts Ungiven at Owlcon this month. The con is Feb 23-25, and organized play sign ups are on […]

Starfinder – Azlanti Star Empire

Azlanti Star Empire

This week I thought we’d do a deep dive into the Azlanti Star Empire. If you are looking for some fascists in need of a thorough punching, these are they. Our story begins on Golarion waaaaay back before Earthfall (before -5293 AR in Golarion time). In this time before time, […]

Team Sfartinders Go!

Team Sfartinders Go! color version

Mid-week update – Someone asked about “Team Sfartinders Go!” t-shirts. For a lot of reasons, I’m not going to be making and selling said t-shirts. However, if you’d like to get your own printed up, here are PNG and SVG versions of a quick design for said shirts I got […]