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Starfinder – Basic Hoverskates

Hoverskates as seen in 2015's Jupiter Ascending

Did you know there are two different kinds of hoverskates in Starfinder? You could be forgiven if not. They are hidden in unlikely places. The base model, simply Hoverskates, is in Armory. Unfortunately for the casual enthusiast, it’s an 8th level item, so you aren’t going to see the average […]

Starfinder – Far Realms

Plateau of Leng

We’re back! This week I’ve been thinking about some of the stranger corners in the Starfinder Universe (in part inspired by posts by MonstersDownThePath on Tumblr). The kind of weird places you only find in the higher levels, and even then, you are probably out of your depth there. Or […]


Unicorn Warriors Eternal

As mentioned in the last post, nothing new until July 8th here, as I have IRL stuff to deal with. It’s a shame, because I’d love to give y’all a post about Unicorn Warriors Eternal and how to tackle a genre mishmash like it with a little help from the […]

Starfinder – Starfield

The Starfield banner image, as Starfinder

If you are like me, you’ve been hearing some of the hype surrounding Bethesda’s newest game Starfield. Looking very much like a spiritual successor to Mass Effect and the like, Starfield is a solo game set in the future where a group called Constellation is sending out explorers to investigate […]

Starfinder – Avatar

Promo image for Avatar Reckoning.

You may or may not know that James Cameron’s latest visit to the planet of Pandora just became available on streaming this last week. If not, you do now, and if you are like me, this was when you had a chance to catch up on it. It’s a long […]

Starfinder – Dual Wielding

Journey to the Dark Head

Lots to cover this weekend, so let’s get a few things out of the way. 1st up, Starfinder news from PaizoCon: EnWorld has a pretty good rundown of the new stuff. It’s also worth mentioning that Drow as a nomenclature for the elves of Apostae is going away as Paizo […]

Starfinder – PaizoCon MegaBundle

PaizoCon MegaBundle

Remember how I said I wouldn’t be posting this week because of PaizoCon? That’s all changed, because of the PaizoCon MegaBundle! With 33 titles, which would normally cost upwards of $130, you can get all of them this weekend only for the low, low price of $19.99! There’s a plethora […]

Starfinder – PaizoCon

PaizoCon Online 2023

I’d hoped to get another full blog in before PaizoCon this year, but with the week I’ve had, and prepping my games for the con, I’m afraid I just couldn’t manage it. However, that means I can use this space to give a little hype to my favorite Con. I’ve […]

Starfinder – Ports of Call

Starfinder Ports of Call

Starfinder: Ports of Call is out now (available for download to subscribers, and on book shelves soon) so let’s take a first look! Ports of Call is very much a setting book, with 10 major settlements explored in detail, becoming both great jumping off points for adventure, as well as […]

Starfinder – Desert Power

Dune part 2 promo image

Sand. It’s course, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere. It also makes for some great adventures. Dune got a write up here back in 2020, and with the second half of the latest adaptation getting a trailer recently, it’s time to get back into the desert. You don’t have to have […]