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PaizoCon 2022 – Assimilation Strain

The Assimilation Strain.

It’s PaizoCon time! I can’t make it in person this year, so I’ll be doing the online con thing again, but I will be running a game for Legendary Games on Saturday – The Assimilation Strain Recently converted to Pathfinder 2E and D&D 5E, the Assimilation Strain is the prelude […]

Starfinder – Drift Crisis

Protean Attack.

I’ve noticed that folks seem to like the Starfinder book previews over the last year, and since I’ve got my digital copy of Drift Crisis, I thought I’d continue the series. It’s a different style of book than we’ve seen before in the Starfinder line, and maybe in any TTRPG […]

Starfinder – Kobolds in Space!

Starfinder Kobold.

Kobolds in space! With just those three words we already have a mental picture full of industrious little dragonkin eagerly tinkering with high tech, dragon themed devices while dealing with a species wide inferiority complex. Thanks to the Starfinder Alien Character Deck we already have the basic write up for […]

Starfinder – Fan Adaptations

Guardians of the Galaxy.

We live in something of a SciFi/SciFantasy golden age right now, in terms of media. So many shows and franchises are out that I literally cannot stay current on all of them. It’s the best of problems to have, and I’m definitely not complaining. But what if you want to […]

Starfinder – Into the Simulation

Into the Simulation

One of the formative movies of my youth was the story of a programmer getting hijacked into an emergent AI’s dreamscape, forced to fight in a rebellion against digital constructs in service to this AI and overthrow it. That movie is, of course, TRON. It is by no means the […]

Starfinder – Spell Strike

Spell Strike across genres.

Even in a Sci-Fi or Sci-Fantasy setting, the image of the melee warrior of some kind of semi-mystical tradition channeling a power through their attacks is an iconic one. Call it the Force, Psionics, Ki, or any number of other names, the idea of the spell slinging swordsman is one […]

Starfinder – Boss Battles

Starfinder Boss Fight.

A recent conversation about the end of Dead Suns got me thinking about campaign climaxes and memorable encounters. Boss battles, if you will. So much of Starfinder, and many other TTRPGs, is combat encounters, how do you make what is essentially yet another combat stand out as a both a […]