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Starfinder – The Sandevistan

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

If you are anything like me you’ve been enjoying Cyberpunk Edgerunners on Netflix. Beautifully animated by Studio Trigger, it tells a great story in a dystopian future full of post human enhancement and the all too familiar problems of capitalism run wild. If you haven’t checked it out I encourage […]

Starfinder – Augment Enhancement

Robocop, Concept art from Gigantic, and the Corpse Marine from Starfinder

Way back in 2019 I did a post on Elemental Augmentations, adding in a system by which characters could gain further benefits associated with specific elements by having more augmentations that were associated with those elements. Not a big boost, but thematic, I thought. What about characters that focus on […]

Starfinder – 2 Space 2 Linnorms

Last week’s conversion of Linnorms to Starfinder proved so popular I decided to come back for seconds. Of the ‘celestial body’ linnorms I proposed, the moon, planet, and star versions are, to my mind, simply starship sized creatures too massive and powerful to be faced outside of starship combat. Those […]

Starfinder – Linnorms in Space!

MidJourney Space Dragon. AI art isn't replacing human artists right away.

So Starfinder has Chromatic Dragons, Metallic Dragons, Outer Dragons, Starmetal Dragons, Drakes, Dragonkin, and  Kobolds. That’s a lot of dragon-type things in a sci-fantasy setting. But what Starfinder doesn’t have yet is Linnorms. For the unfamiliar, linnorms are primodial dragons that trace their origins back to the First World. Massive […]

Starfinder VS Spelljammer


With the release of Spelljammer there is another major Sci-Fantasy setting in the TTRPG space to compete with Starfinder. They are markedly different in tone and feel, but do share the same concept of traveling through the cosmos, visiting strange new worlds and confronting enemies both new and old across […]

Starfinder – Predator Net

Predator Net Weapon.

In Prey, the recent Predator movie, there are numerous call backs to the previous movies. One in particular that stood out, to me at least, was the net launcher weapon the Predator uses. Originally introduced in the 1990 film Predator 2, this is one of the few weapons in the […]

Starfinder – Gencon News and Mega-Bundle

GenCon Infinite Community Mega-Bundle.

It’s Gencon this weekend, and while I couldn’t attend, I’ve been following the product announcements and news as much as I can. New Starfinder books announced: Scoured Stars collected adventure path! A book about Ports of Call (actually they are doing that for both PF2E and Starfinder)! Golarion World, the […]

Starfinder – Welcome to IHoS

Interstellar Haus of Sustenance.

Picture the scene – Your players have just come back from the Vast having fought off some unspeakable horror, and they are ready to return to civilized space. Only, coming back from Gods Knows Where means you are coming back to the fringes of the space you know, and at […]

Starfinder – What Could Have Been

Three Spider-men

The new Dark Archive book is out for Pathfinder 2nd Edition, which wouldn’t normally effect Starfinder much, but the Time Mage Dedication looks like it’s stealing a bit of the Precog’s thunder. More specifically, the feat What Could Have Been – Allusions to Arcane and a certain Sting song aside, […]