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Starfinder – Mega-Waffles!

Eoxian Mega-waffles!

Eoxian Mega-waffles TM are packed full of the digestible calories your ancestors loved while they were still alive! Made of 100% non-gmo semi-organic polymater lovingly hand crafted by our food-substance technicians according to a traditional recipe handed down by maternal progenitors from eons past, our Mega-waffles TM have all the […]

Starfinder – Stone Giant Encounter

concept art from Anthem

Giants! Be they the Zentradi from Robotech, the Navigators from the Alien franchise, or even the Na’vi of Avatar, there has been a giant humanoid shaped spot in Sci-Fantasy for quite some time. Since the classic D&D adventure line ‘Against the Giants’ just the hint of an organized force of […]

Starfinder – Blightburn Connection

Blight from Batman Beyond

One idea I’ve been kicking around in my not-so-ample free time is putting together a Dwarf centric book for Starfinder. Something that goes over the now interstellar mining clans of the diminutive race, how they’ve adapted to life beyond planetside, and how that has changed their culture. If I ever […]

Starfinder – Defeat

Han frozen in Carbonite

At some point it’s going to happen. Either the adventure calls for an enemy that is just outside the party’s ability to defeat, has powers or resistances they don’t have the tools to overcome, or luck just turns against them. Having been on both sides of the GM screen for […]

Starfinder – Vampire Hunter D

Still from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

A fellow writer recently posted lamenting the lack of Vampire Hunter D support in TTRPGs. Of course, many people pointed out that there is an official Pathfinder 1e adaptation written by F. Wesley Schneider. It got me thinking though. This is a gothic sci-fantasy setting with magic, mutants, post-apocalyptic elements, […]

Wayfinder 21

PaizoCon is almost upon us (next weekend!) so this will be the last blog post until after the Con. As is traditional at this point, I’m going to urge everyone to check out Wayfinder. Quite likely the most high quality, free, fan-made TTRPG publication, Wayfinder is a beloved staple in […]