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Starfinder – Attack of Titan

Giants from Blood of Zeus.

As promised last week, more giant creature vs Mech action! This week we are looking at the Titan creature graft from Kaiju, Titans, and other Big Stuff.  Just like the Kaiju creature graft from last week, the Titan graft is going to need an update to make it Mech combat […]

Starfinder – Kaiju vs Mech!

Copperhead Kaiju.

Tech Revolution has given us Mechs, but what about monsters to fight those Mechs with? Sure, you can just use stuff out of an Alien Archive, but you are going to quickly find there are not a lot of really big monsters to throw at your players, and that even […]

Starfinder – Tech Revolution!

Starfinder - Tech Revolution.

This week let’s look at the new Tech Revolution book. I’ve been waiting for this one to come out for awhile (looking forward to mech rules!) so I’m eager to dig into it. First the Class section. The Nanocyte is a pretty beefy frontliner with some interesting abilities. Their key […]

Starfinder – Heirs of Minderhal

Roadhog concept art by Arnold Tsang for Overwatch

Let’s talk a bit about ogres. In the fantasy world of Pathfinder they are a great monster for low level parties. Physically powerful, utterly ruthless, and no smarter than they need to be to be a threat. But where does such a creature fit in the SciFantasy world of Starfinder? […]

Starfinder – Starro the Conqueror

Starro the Conqueror from Suicide Squad

Returning to Suicide Squad this week (Spoilers here, so if you care about that and haven’t seen the movie, stop now), I wanted to look at the Starro fight a bit. Team comic books, and by extension team comic book movies, generally have a multi-tiered threat as their set piece. […]

Starfinder – King Shark

King Shark has a pertinent question.

Pathfinder 2E has the beastkin ancestry, and in 1e had the skinchanger race. 3.5 had the Darfellan from Stormwrack. There seems to be a wealth of home brew and maybe even some kind of Sahuagin variant official race for 5e (honestly not sure). But as yet there is no humanoid […]

Starfinder – Evolutionist

General Grevious (Star Wars), Adam Warlock (Marvel), Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul), Cylo V (Star Wars), and Wikus (District 9)

It’s playtest time again, and this week Paizo started up the test for the latest Starfinder class – the Evolutionist. This new class is all about transformation and becoming more than the simple mortal form you are born with. The Evolutionist is focused on either Str or Dex as the […]

Starfinder – Mega-Waffles!

Eoxian Mega-waffles!

Eoxian Mega-waffles TM are packed full of the digestible calories your ancestors loved while they were still alive! Made of 100% non-gmo semi-organic polymater lovingly hand crafted by our food-substance technicians according to a traditional recipe handed down by maternal progenitors from eons past, our Mega-waffles TM have all the […]