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Starfinder – Rocket Skates

Concept art from the movie Battle Angel Alita

It’s Xmas in July on DriveThru and the deals are going to be over pretty soon. You still have a few days left to get my adventure or my two Infinite titles for added Starfinder options, at a discounted price. Links below.–A-Level-1-Adventure-for-Starfinder–The-Reach-of-Hell–Planar-Powers On a related note, your […]

Starfinder – Roller Derby

From left to right: Battle Angel Alita, Rollerball, and Solarbabies

Battle Angel Alita, Rollerball (both times), Solarbabies, Roller Blade, and surprisingly many more. Something about scifi just draws out the urge to make a hyper violent team skating sport (or gang). What Jungian archetype is this calling out in our group psyche? There is just something iconic about going fast […]

Starfinder – Basic Hoverskates

Hoverskates as seen in 2015's Jupiter Ascending

Did you know there are two different kinds of hoverskates in Starfinder? You could be forgiven if not. They are hidden in unlikely places. The base model, simply Hoverskates, is in Armory. Unfortunately for the casual enthusiast, it’s an 8th level item, so you aren’t going to see the average […]

Starfinder – Far Realms

Plateau of Leng

We’re back! This week I’ve been thinking about some of the stranger corners in the Starfinder Universe (in part inspired by posts by MonstersDownThePath on Tumblr). The kind of weird places you only find in the higher levels, and even then, you are probably out of your depth there. Or […]