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Starfinder – Rotating Hilts

The Grand Inquisitor activates his hilt.

Watching the new Obi-Wan series something stuck out to me. First introduced in the Rebels cartoon, the Sith Inquisitors all have light sabers that are not only dual-weapons, they also all feature a relatively unique hilt setup that allows the blades to rotate like a fan. It’s not used very […]

Starfinder – Morbius

Its Morbin Time.

So Morbius hasn’t exactly managed to conquer the box office with it’s re-release this weekend, Morbin memes non-withstanding, and full disclosure – I haven’t seen the film yet either. But fear not, stalwart Morb-fans! I’m very familiar with the character of Michael Morbius and his long existence in Marvel comics. […]