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Starfinder – Added Value part 2

Antock Poundstone, dwarven security guard

RECAP In part 1 of the Starfinder cyberpunk adventure Added Value, black market cybersurgeon Nalak Chambo anonymously hired the party to break in to Neebon Biotech and attach her datadrive full of malware to the floor facility mainframe there. The party may want to do some research before they show […]

Starfinder – House Rules

Space Goblins! You just know this is going to be ridiculous.

If there is one thing true about table top rpgs, its that even if you are playing the same system, the same adventure, or even the same classes, no two tables are quite the same experience. One of the main reasons for this is house rules. Sometimes these are codified, […]

Starfinder – Attack the Block

Attack the Block

There are many Sci-Fi, Sci-Fantasy, and Space Opera movies and shows out there that readily lend themselves to inspiration for Starfinder (especially with the new Giant Mech rules coming out soon). That said, few capture the experience of level one adventurers just starting out their career, and few do that […]