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Starfinder Infinite

Starfinder Infinite - The Reach of Hell.

As I was getting my first submission up on Starfinder Infinite, I found I was searching for a walkthrough on the process multiple times. Not a knock against the site, I just struggled with the specifics of creating the listing.  So, my pain is your gain. Here is a walk […]

Unionize Paizo

United Paizo Workers

No regular blog post this week. Instead, I’m using this space to promote the Union efforts at Paizo. The people who create these games, these worlds, that we love so much, need a safe place to work, enough time to do the work well, and all the things that enable […]

Starfinder – Attack of Titan

Giants from Blood of Zeus.

As promised last week, more giant creature vs Mech action! This week we are looking at the Titan creature graft from Kaiju, Titans, and other Big Stuff.  Just like the Kaiju creature graft from last week, the Titan graft is going to need an update to make it Mech combat […]

Starfinder – Kaiju vs Mech!

Copperhead Kaiju.

Tech Revolution has given us Mechs, but what about monsters to fight those Mechs with? Sure, you can just use stuff out of an Alien Archive, but you are going to quickly find there are not a lot of really big monsters to throw at your players, and that even […]