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Starfinder – Shoggoth

It’s Halloween, and in past years I’ve tried to do famous alien monsters from Sci-Horror for the blog in October. This year I struggled though, as there are already fan adaptations of the Xenomorph, Predator, and I’ve already done The Thing. So I widened the net, and like a fevered […]

Starfinder – MegaDungeons

Knowhere from GotG.

Whether it is the Abomination Vaults, the Emerald Spire, or even Undermountain, there are a variety of mega-dungeons in fantasy TTRPGs. The idea of a massive complex that forms the bulk of a campaign is, if not easy, at least manageable in that setting, but how would you create something […]

Kingmaker Companion Guide

Kingmaker Companion Guide.

Taking a break from Starfinder content this week to talk about the upcoming release of the Kingmaker AP for Pathfinder 2E (with rules for D&D 5E, and updated for PF1 as well). Full disclosure, I mention it because I was a significant contributor to the Companion Guide. This is a […]

Starfinder – Sekmin Serpentfolk

Sekmin from Serpent's Skull.

A lot of Stafinder is content is focused on providing new lore, new options, in spaces not yet explored in Pathfinder. That is great, but there are some things hinted at in Golarion lore (and Near Space) that I’d love to have realized in Starfinder. One of those is the […]