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Profile and Writing Credits

I started gaming with the Blue Box on a neighbor’s porch, back in the dark ages. I never looked back.



Contributed to Pathfinder World Guide: Absalom, City of Lost Omens 2022

– Haigen Topkick section

Contributed to Starfinder Hoizons of the Vast #5: Allies Against the Eye 2021

– Crimson Helminth back matter

Kingmaker Companion Guide 2022

– Camping roles, the full Regongar Section, and the full Valerie Section

Legendary Games

Faerie Bestiary

Asian Monsters

Latin American Monsters

Boricubos: The Lost Isles

Treasury of the Macabre

Stellar Options: Planar Adepts

Stellar Options: Weird Warriors

Stellar Options: Alien Elements

Stellar Options: Shadow Mystics

Stellar Options: Superstars

Stellar Options: Battle Song

Stellar Options: Planetary Psychology

Stellar Options: Xenobiology

Stellar Options: Aether Connections

Stellar Options: Mental Mysteries

Aethera Field Guide (Pathfinder and Starfinder versions)

Wanted in the Waste – Starfinder version

Star Classes: Nanomancer

Solo Projects

Added Value: Level 1 adventure for Starfinder

Starfinder Infinite: The Reach of Hell

Starfinder Infinite: Planar Powers

Rusted Iron Games

Deadly Gardens Character Options

Spooky Gardens Halloween Special


Wayfinder #16 in 2017

– Rage with the Machines: Bloodrage Bloodline

Wayfinder #18 in 2018

– Hero’s Hoard items: Auric Hush and Springheart

Wayfinder #19 in 2019

– Symbiends of Absalom Station

Wayfinder #20 in 2020

– Mining Tools of the Dwarven Clans, Alien Archive: The Pellad

Wayfinder #21 in 2021

– Weal and Woe, Adventure: Race for the Ettercap Crown

My artwork can be seen at and I can be contacted at jcorff @