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Starfinder – Space Griffons

Taarna from 1981's Heavy Metal

I’m not going to be shy about it, this week’s post is inspired by the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon. I’ve no idea if the movie will be good at all, but Snyder can certainly craft a compelling visual. It’s also the first Sci-Fantasy property I’ve seen that serves […]

Starfinder – Dark Elves In Space!

Dark Elves in Space!

Soon the Drow will be no more. That sounds ominous, but let me explain. For the next year, encompassing the Mechageddon AP and a whole season of SFS Adventures (not to mention Gifts Ungiven, an SFS Adventure by yours truly!) Starfinder 1E will continue under the OGL license. After that, […]

Starfinder – SMGs

SMGs in SciFi Games

Long time readers may have noticed the new logo. When I put up this site back in 2016 I was just trying to get things going as quickly as possible (under the assumption it is better to have an imperfect thing done than nothing at all) so the logo was […]

Starfinder – Werewolves in Space!

Saberwulf from Rare's Killer Instinct

Real quick – lowered the prices on my adventure and Infinite pubs. Links and details in the mid-week post. As spoopy season comes to a close, it’s time to address the were-elephant in the room. Of course, I’m talking about the lack of lycanthropy in Starfinder. For the most part […]

Starfinder – Call Army of the Dead

Star Wars: The Clone Wars battle of Dathomir

Zombies often straddle the line between SciFi and Fantasy where the two genres intersect with horror. Sometimes as the result of a disease or hyper-science, sometimes via a ‘SciFi’ source so esoteric and mysterious it might as well be magic, and sometimes in a Sci-Fantasy Horror collision of the three […]

Starfinder – Starfinder Enhanced

Starfinder Enhanced cover art by Ignacio Bazan Lazcano

Putting Spooky Season on hold for a weekend, the new Starfinder Enhanced book is out for subscribers this week. I really like what I see in this book, and the art is fantastic. Let’s do a quick dive. Character Options & Equipment 11 themes, 9 new archetypes, 12 creature companions, […]