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Please Stand By

Please Stand By.

Just a quick post to let folks know what is going on. I’ve had a family member experience a life threatening medical emergency, and a friend passed away. January has been a tough month, and I’ve had a lot of extra demands on the time normally devoted to new posts […]

Starfinder – Flying Polyps

Flying Polyp by Sam Manley

This week we return to Lovecraftian Mythos to round out the last of the ancient alien empires. Having already covered the Elder Things and their servitors the Shoggoth, we now turn to the awkwardly named Flying Polyps. Originally introduced in the novella Shadow Out of Time, the Polyps are the […]

Starfinder – Elder Things

Elder Thing.

Back in October I talked about the Shoggoth for Halloween, but it got me thinking about the Old Ones Mythos in general and how that fictional cosmology melds with Starfinder. As mentioned there, the influence of Mythos creatures is certainly present in Pathfinder, and by inheritance in Starfinder, most apparently […]

Starfinder – Conrasu

Conrasu art from Paizo.

Last week we took a look at the new Interstellar Species book, which is great timing, because this week we return to the plane touched species options for one of the rarest and strangest of that group – the Law spawn known as Conrasu. Law as a planar influence is […]

Starfinder – Interstellar Species

Interstellar Species - The Unusual Suspects.

People seem to like the Starfinder hardback preview/reviews, and with Interstellar Species getting into subscriber’s hands soon, it’s time to look at the latest release. Much like Drift Crises was a new kind of TTRPG book, Interstellar Species is basically three different kinds of publications in one. It is a […]

Starfinder – Chaos Feats

Keketar Protean from Paizo

Out of the planar scions, all too often the Chaos-touched get overlooked. Which is odd, because out of all the planes it seems like the Maelstrom and other sources of Chaos would be the least cautious about spilling their influence all over the Material plane. Heck, there are entire types […]

Starfinder – Celestial Feats

Darksiders 1 concept art.

In a setting full of high-tech robots, monstrous aliens, fascist empires, and rogue undead armadas, it can be easy to forget that the planar conflicts of Pathfinder still exist in Starfinder, albeit on a much larger scale. In fact, looking back through previous posts, it seems I kind of forgot […]

Starfinder – Shoggoth

It’s Halloween, and in past years I’ve tried to do famous alien monsters from Sci-Horror for the blog in October. This year I struggled though, as there are already fan adaptations of the Xenomorph, Predator, and I’ve already done The Thing. So I widened the net, and like a fevered […]

Starfinder – MegaDungeons

Knowhere from GotG.

Whether it is the Abomination Vaults, the Emerald Spire, or even Undermountain, there are a variety of mega-dungeons in fantasy TTRPGs. The idea of a massive complex that forms the bulk of a campaign is, if not easy, at least manageable in that setting, but how would you create something […]