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Starfinder – Music and Mayhem

I watched Cannon Busters on Netflix recently – a decent anime that captures a sci-fi fantasy aesthetic that is Starfinder all over – and I noticed a minor character that used a futuristic guitar as a weapon. Which got me thinking back to all the other times I’ve seen something […]

Starfinder – Hellbred

Art from Robert Chew's Agents of Sin

I was thinking back to some of my favorite 3.5 D&D content that I never got to do much with, and remembered one particular race that I always felt was under-served – the Hellbred from Fiendish Codex 2. There isn’t any reason a soul harrowed by Hell and touched by […]

Starfinder – The Surge part 2

Last week I presented stats for the reanimated foes from early stages of the game. This week I have a base Exo-Rig, as well as a generic berserk exo-rig user (who form arguably the bulk of the foes fought in the game). EXO-RIG, BASIC Cost 7800 credits Level 5 Systems: […]

Starfinder – The Surge

With the sequel coming out soon, I thought I’d take a bit to talk about some of the unique sci-fi elements of The Surge and how to incorporate them into your game. Set in a dystopian future, where an industrial accident coupled with rampant cybernetics usage has resulted in a […]

Starfinder – Hoverboards

Hoverboards from Back to the Future, Eureka 7, and Cannon Spike

The idea of hoverboards has been something floating in the gestalt for a long time, making its way into movies, video games, anime, and comics over and over again. After all, what would make skateboarding or surfing cooler? Why, being able to do it anywhere and fly while doing it, […]