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Starfinder – Godzilla VS Kong

This week the world bore witness to the epic battle between a gigantic radioactive dinosaur and a really big gorilla. Of course, the movie offers more than that, with some twists, additional monsters, and more, but the core narrative is kaiju battles, and it does not disappoint. Seems like this […]

Starfinder – Template Grafts

I was prepping for my next GM session and while working on applying template grafts to my aliens it occurred to me that this might make a good blog post. So, ever wanted to learn more about monster templates and how to add them to your creatures? Here we go! […]

Starfinder – Farscape Part 3

This weekend’s post is a bit late due to travel, but I wanted to finish out the 3 part series of Farscape adaptations. This week I’ll tackle the Nebari and Sebaceans, as they are both fairly simple. I considered Hynerian, but while Rigel was a great character with a lot […]