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Starfinder – Citizen Zo!

Live Audition Extreme!

First off, next week is PaizoCon, so no new blog post then. I’ll be busy with the con, but will be back the week after with Starfinder news and developments. Second, if you are chomping at the bit for Mechageddon, there is a preview encounter up on the Paizo Blog. […]

Starfinder – Alien 45th Anniversary

The Alien Quadrology

Back early from my April break. That’s because I’ll be traveling next weekend and won’t have a chance to post then, but also because it’s a special weekend. It’s the 45th anniversary of the Alien franchise and boy do those movies cast a long shadow on Starfinder. From the Cargo […]

Starfinder – Third Earth Ho!

Third Earth, the Thundercats

Sometimes you get an idea stuck in your head, and the only way to get it dislodged is to talk about it. This week, for me, it is Third Earth from Thundercats (1985-1989). The 80s spawned a lot of Sci-Fantasy IPs (He-Man, Ulysses 3000, Voltron, Krull, etc…), but for a […]

Starfinder – Dem Bones

Frontier Bucaneers by Johnson Ting

Have you ever desired to sail the void of space devoid of environmental protections, with your bones exposed to the cold and vacuum? Always wanted to play a character from Eox, but that whole ‘living’ thing kept getting in the way? Maybe you were a Spinal main in Killer Instinct […]

Starfinder – Fallout

Fallout TV Show

With the upcoming Amazon series, Fallout looks be having a bit of a renaissance. Some, I’m sure, is due to the quirks of that specific setting, but there is also something appealing about adventures in a post-apocalyptic world – as evidenced by games like Gamma World, TMNT: After the Bomb, […]

Owlcon 2024

Just a quick post, as I’m going to be busy with the Con this weekend. Which is to say, no blog this weekend, but back to our regular schedule next weekend. Also, welcome all the new readers from Poland. Hope everything translates well enough, and that you folks are enjoying […]