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Starfinder – The Doldrums

Madness of Mission 6 by Travis Pitts

During my holidays break I’ve been thinking about some different play styles you can bring to Starfinder, either in sessions or entire campaigns. I’m going to be exploring these over the next few weeks, and the first one I’ll talk about is The Doldrums. Originally something experienced by sailors in […]

Extracting Transparent PNGs

Extracting Transparent Image Tutorial

As I was about to start prepping a scenario for online play this weekend I ran into the blog topic for this week – How to extract transparent background images from adventure pdfs. I know a lot of folks struggle with this, so I decided to do a quick tutorial. […]

Starfinder – Precog Playtest

Precog Movies

The play test for the latest Starfinder class started this last week, and I’ll admit that I wasn’t immediately sold on the concept. Precog, to me at least, implied we were going to see a caster class with a whole bunch of divination spells to make the GM’s life more […]

Starfinder character art post

Arakiel the solar space elf

An art post this week, but I promise it’s Starfinder related. I’m going to be doing a marathon play through the first two books of Against the Aeon Throne next month as part of an Extra Life fundraiser, and I wanted to have an avatar for my character. I really […]

Starfinder – Incarnum Incarnate

Mercy from Overwatch, showing what a Lawful Good soldier with the Planar Ethic style might look like

As promised, this week we return to the concepts laid out in Magic of Incarnum, by James Wyatt, Richard Backer, Frank Brunner, and Stephen Schubert. Unlike with the totemic connection, where the source of power for the character is via spiritually embodiment of various magical beasts, this time their power […]