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Extra Life and some Art

Castrovel Devil

I’m working on more content for y’all, but this week is just a little bit of a grab bag. First off, I’ve been working on some new character art, something to use for your more martial Starfinder characters. I’ve been calling him the Castrovel Devil. Next up, I’ll be part […]

Starfinder character art post

Arakiel the solar space elf

An art post this week, but I promise it’s Starfinder related. I’m going to be doing a marathon play through the first two books of Against the Aeon Throne next month as part of an Extra Life fundraiser, and I wanted to have an avatar for my character. I really […]

Art Post – Kirin wip


I mostly use this blog to post game content for Starfinder, but I had intended it to be a place to put up art projects I was working on too. I haven’t done much of that, but here is a start – I started this piece awhile back. I’ve got […]

Wayfinder #19

Art from Wayfinder 19

No formal post this week, as I’m taking the long weekend off, but I did have several pieces in the latest issue of Wayfinder. Not only did I write the Symbiends article (with great artwork by Alex Moore), I also provided several illustrations.