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Jeremy Corff

Artist and Writer

Starfinder – Xenoshifter

From left to right - Timber Wolf, Super Skrull, Ben 10, and Species

We are going to stick with Xenowardens for another week, while I work on a surfeit of spoopy content for October. I’m keeping a list! But that’s all for later, for now, I’ve got a couple birds that I’m going to hit with a stone here. While there is a […]

Starfinder – Xenowarden Weapons

Plant Warrior by Dio Mahesa

One group I wish we’d got to do a bit more with in Starfinder 1E is the Xenowardens. We’ve got Xenowarden living Starships, a few pieces of light armor and heavy armor, a single power armor that is only kind of related, a few living weapons (disintegration lash, neural lash, […]

Labor Day

Thank a Union

No new Starfinder post this weekend, as we are taking the holiday off. It’s also a good time to reflect on why Labor Day exists. Like a lot of the things we consider basic worker rights, it is the result of Labor and Labor organizing over the history of the […]

Starfinder – Lightsabers

Ahsoka Tano with her white lightsabers

It likely will not surprise long time readers that I’m a die-hard Star Wars fan. I watched all of the Clone Wars (both cartoons), and Rebels, in some cases more than once. So the new Ahsoka show is a big hit with me (though perhaps better titled Star Wars Rebels […]

Starfinder – Invisibility

The Predator from Prey uncloaking

Let’s talk about Invisibility. A classic fantasy and scifi trope, Invisibility is one of those things that is inevitably going to come up at your game table. When it does, whether as a player or GM, you are going to quickly discover that while the effect works in all the […]

Starfinder – Turtles In Space!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2023)

In days of yore, all the way before the internet was a thing, one of the first table top rpgs I played was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness by Palladium Books. I was a fan of the comics, and loved the bizarre mix of mutated anthropomorphic animals […]

Starfinder 2nd Edition

Ultra Starfinder II the Final Challengers

The Starfinder 2nd Edition has been announced! You can see the announcement here. The release of the next iteration of Starfinder is actually a long way off (looks like 2025 at the earliest) but here is what we know so far: Cross-Compatibility At the moment it looks like the new […]

Starfinder – Rocket Skates

Concept art from the movie Battle Angel Alita

It’s Xmas in July on DriveThru and the deals are going to be over pretty soon. You still have a few days left to get my adventure or my two Infinite titles for added Starfinder options, at a discounted price. Links below.–A-Level-1-Adventure-for-Starfinder–The-Reach-of-Hell–Planar-Powers On a related note, your […]

Starfinder – Roller Derby

From left to right: Battle Angel Alita, Rollerball, and Solarbabies

Battle Angel Alita, Rollerball (both times), Solarbabies, Roller Blade, and surprisingly many more. Something about scifi just draws out the urge to make a hyper violent team skating sport (or gang). What Jungian archetype is this calling out in our group psyche? There is just something iconic about going fast […]