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Starfinder – Atlas 2024

It’s hard to make new, original SciFi. We see it again and again, studios would much rather fund movies and series that build on existing IP than take the risk that is involved in launching a new idea. Its easy to understand why, as even very good stories can struggle to find an audience (y’all should go watch Scavenger’s Reign on Netflix right now. I’ll wait.) So when they do show up, I try to give them a try even if it seems like it might not be the most well executed of stories. Heck, even a bad movie can have some great ideas in it. However, I can honestly say that Atlas, the Jennifer Lopez movie on Netflix, is better than you likely think it is.

I’m not going to do a movie review, there are a lot of sites out there for that, but will say that if you like scifi and mechs you’ll enjoy this one. That said, let’s dig into what we can plunder for our Starfinder game!

Atlas 2024 on Netflix

First, we have the Neural Link. This device allows a wearer to link their consciousness to the onboard AI in their mech (sort of like the Drift from Pacific Rim, but with a human and an AI instead of two humans). It’s a bit like a mechanic’s exocortex, albeit linked to a big honking mech that is capable of independent action. Sweet, right? Also probably a bit overpowered for Starfinder, but that’s to be expected for a key plot device. Nonetheless, we can build something from that.

ARC Mech doing a superhero 3 point pose

Neural Link

Level 7; Price 7500

Capacity 20; Usage 1/round

Hands –; Bulk L


A small device typically worn over the ear of humanoids, a neural link contains an adaptive virtual intelligence and interface that temporarily allows a single pilot to fill the role of two operators in a Mech. As long as the link is active the wearer counts as two operators in the Mech, allowing a single pilot to operator a Mech that requires two operators. Also, the Mech gains an additional Move action (in addition to the Move or Standard an operator can provide by taking a full action, for a total of a Move and a Move or Standard). Doing so is mentally taxing, leaving the wearer fatigued once the Link is no longer active, until they spend 10 minutes to regain stamina. So long as an operator is fatigued, they cannot benefit from a neural link.

The other item that I’m going to shamelessly steal is the integrated energy blade the android Harlan uses later in the movie. Of course, he’s the main antagonist, so it’s silly overpowered as well, but we can take something from the inspiration.

Harlan dismantles the ARC mech one slice at a time


One handed Advanced Melee

Slag Molten Cestus77,5001d6 FWound40; usage 41Integrated (1 slot), Operative, Penetrating, Powered
Pattern Molten Cestus1237,5002d6 FWound40; usage 41Integrated (1 slot), Operative, Penetrating, Powered, Reach
Crucible Molten Cestus16180,5005d6 FSevere Wound80; usage 41Integrated (1 slot), Operative, Penetrating, Powered, Reach


Popular with androids and those with cybernetic limbs that can accommodate them, molten cesti are flashy weapons that can be devastating in the hands of a skilled wielder. Consisting of a durable polymer fuller that projects a blade of superheated plasma, a molten cestus burns hot enough to slice through most simple armors. More advanced models allow the wielder to separate blade segments and use the whole as an electromagnetically linked plasma whip in addition to using it as a simple blade.

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