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Starfinder – Azlanti Star Empire

This week I thought we’d do a deep dive into the Azlanti Star Empire. If you are looking for some fascists in need of a thorough punching, these are they.

Azlanti Star Empire

Our story begins on Golarion waaaaay back before Earthfall (before -5293 AR in Golarion time). In this time before time, the Alghollthu captured some of ancient man and through their magic and science created the Azlanti, an offshoot of humanity that was stronger, smarter, and mostly all around better than their counterparts, though perhaps more prone to the suggestion and domination by their aquatic creators. Guided by the unseen hand of their masters, the Azlanti reached heights that rivaled the world traveling elves, and took down the Serpent Folk empire (the Alghotllthu’s major rivals for power on Golarion at the time). The Azlanti, perhaps inspired by the elven Aiudara, created gates to Golarion’s moon, Akiton, and possibly other parts of their solar system. They also opened portals to worlds even further out in the galaxy.

One such venture was New Thespera. An Azlanti named Eronestria led a band of Azlanti pioneers through the portal to this world out in the Vast to found a new colony. Sometime not long after their initial venture, the portal and all other means of returning to Golarion was cut off, severing the colony from Golarion (and the influence of the Alghollthu). Rather than wither and die without their parent society, these Azlanti explorers set out to conquer not just the planet of New Thespera, but their entire solar system and worlds beyond.

They succeeded, at least in terms of their solar system, bringing the Azlanti version of Manifest Destiny to all the worlds in the Aristia system, but were unable to effectively spread beyond without a viable means of faster than light travel. Then, in 3 AG, Triune’s gift of the Gap reached the Azlanti as well as the rest of known space. Swiftly implementing the new technology, the Azlanti began a new great expansion. By 324 AG they have an Empire that encompasses 12 solar systems and other minor holdings, and are always looking to expand their reach.

The Azlanti Star Empire is a Fascist Monarchy. Humanity is considered superior to all other forms of life (and only those of true Azlanti blood are really human), and while some species are considered citizens of the Empire, they can never attain the status that Azlanti can. Far more alien species in the Empire are simply slaves, or not even considered sentient. The foremost rank in the monarchy is the Star Imperator, currently shared by the twins Iorian and Yridela, the latest rulers in the Ixomander dynasty (which claims to have ruled for 2000 years, but given that the Gap was only a bit over 300 years ago, that’s impossible to confirm.) All other members of the imperial family hold the title of Parept, and are distinguished by various lesser and largely ceremonial or regional titles. Next are the Arcidux, hereditary ruler of a star system, roughly equivalent to an Exarch, which is a non-hereditary military ruler of a star system. 9 Arcidux and 2 Exarchs rule the systems in the Empire, with the Star Imperator ruling the home system of Aristia. Beneath that are the Duxillar, hereditary rulers of planets, or occasionally multiple planets. Below them are Sardat, hereditary rulers of major stations or moons, and finally Dominus, hereditary rulers of small stations, asteroids, or similar sized moonlets. Finally there are the citizens, non-royalty that nonetheless enjoy a far better status than the rest of the Empire’s populace.




Aeon Guard

The Azlanti Star Empire has a massive Imperial Fleet that is equal to the Pact Worlds and Veskarium combined, with their own brand of magi-tech that is more advanced than found elsewhere. This navy is backed up by the elite ground forces of the Aeon Guard, which encompasses everything from ground troops, commandos, specialists, and beyond. It is the Aeon Guard who wear the distinctive Aeon Stone augmented green armor that is so iconic of the Empire. Finally, there is the smallest arm of the Imperial Military, the Alien Cohort. Made up entirely of volunteers, the Cohort accepts any non-human, even those not considered sentient by the empire. First in, last out, and often used as fodder or shock troops, the Cohort is the only way a non-human can gain status in the Empire and as such has a high volunteer rate despite the also very high casualty rate.



The Azlanti of Golarion were devoted to a pantheon of deities, but that has fallen to the wayside. The Azlanti Star Empire worship Lissala above all others. The goddess of duty and obedience hasn’t changed much over the intervening millennia, and still holds her chosen people above all others.

The Azlanti are very much the Empire/Fire Nation/Nazis/Ming of the Starfinder setting. All contact they’ve had with the Veskarium and the Pact Worlds has been hostile, and they’ve even conquered a Vesk colony, enslaving the inhabitants. If you need baddies for your campaign, the Azlanti are tailor made for the role. Here are the ones that are premade:

Azlanti Adjutant
Azlanti Battle Robot
Clockwork Guardian
Azlanti Stellar Scout

Aeon Guard
Aeon Guard Specialist
Tromlin Bloodseeker
Tromlin Hardshell

Aeon Striker

Azlanti Starships

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