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Starfinder – SMGs

Long time readers may have noticed the new logo. When I put up this site back in 2016 I was just trying to get things going as quickly as possible (under the assumption it is better to have an imperfect thing done than nothing at all) so the logo was just some text and a line drawing I thought had turned out particularly well. But it’s been 7 years now, so it was well past time to get that fixed. I’ll be updating my few solo projects with the new logo as well. Enough about that.

SMGs in SciFi Games

Even though we are done with expansion books for Starfinder 1E (though there is still another AP and plenty of adventures coming out for the system!), there are a few holes yet to be filled in terms of content. One I noticed recently is the ground between longarms and small arms that the SMG (Sub-Machine Gun) occupies. Traditionally an SMG is somewhat larger than a handgun, but still nominally a one-handed weapon, that uses small arms ammo but is capable of doing full auto sprays. In game terms that means a small arm that has the Automatic trait, using up a clip to make a cone attack instead of a single target one. Useful against groups and essential when fighting swarms!

There are already a few SMGs in the system – the Uppercut line of analog SMGs, and the Disintegration line of energy SMGs. That covers Piercing and Acid damage (and the Disintegration SMGs have some of the best Range of acid weapons, not to be discounted), but what about the other energy types? Electricity doesn’t really feel right for this, as a line effect feels more natural for that. Sonic, the oft forgotten energy type, could work. Cold and fire, particularly fire, work just fine. Looking at the existing SMGs, we see mostly middle of the road range, high clip capacity coupled with high per shot usage, and average damage. Price, surprisingly, is on the high side of average but not close to the highest cost for their level. Putting all that together…

a variety of SMGs

Maxim SMGs

Small Arms

Scorch SMG, Blaze314501d4 F50 ft.202LAutomatic
Frost SMG, Chill314501d4 C40 ft.202LAutomatic
Roar SMG, Racket314501d4 Sonic30 ft.202LAutomatic
Scorch SMG, Backdraft9135003d4 F50 ft.202LAutomatic
Frost SMG, Sleet9135003d4 C1d6 Frostbite40 ft.202LAutomatic
Roar SMG, Tumult9135003d4 SonicStifle30 ft.202LAutomatic
Scorch SMG, Bonfire151175003d8 F70 ft.404LAutomatic
Frost SMG, Graupel151175003d8 C2d6 Frostbite60 ft.404LAutomatic
Roar SMG, Commotion151175003d8 SonicDeafen50 ft.404LAutomatic
Scorch SMG, Catastrophe208840005d10 F90 ft.804LAutomatic
Frost SMG, Ice Age208840005d10 C4d6 Frostbite70 ft.804LAutomatic
Roar SMG, Commotion208840005d10 SonicDeafen60 ft.804LAutomatic

Maxim SMGs

Based out of the Gideron Authority, Maxim Manufacturing makes several lines of fully automatic energy based personal firearms. Compact enough to easily transport, but capable of an impressive spray, the weapons are quite popular with mercenaries and para-military organizations. Perhaps as a result they have a nasty reputation among the Stewards and station security organizations, as the collateral damage inflicted by these weapons is notorious.

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