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Starfinder – Titanium Tentacles and Other Augments

Today I found myself thinking back to the humble venom spur, and how it’s never going to get another shake in Starfinder 1E. That means this upgrade list is probably the only option likely for 1E. Like a lot of other augment options, the venom spur is one of those ‘inspired by comics and Sci-Fi media’ items. Which got me thinking about what others you can do in Starfinder.


Wolverine Claws


For classic claws ala Wolverine and a whole bunch of other cyberpunk and scifi media, the natural weapon species graft if probably the easiest fit. You could also go with the bone blade necrograft, bit that comes with a lot of baggage that might not fit your character concept.


Cyberpunk Mantis Blade


Eye lasers, of Kano fame and many, many others, are pretty easy with the appropriately named Optical Laser cybernetic augment. Likewise you can do your Vash the Stampede gun arm, or Cyberpunk style mantis blade with the Weaponized Prosthesis cybernetic augment and integrated weapon that fits. Talk to your GM about adding the integrated trait to single hand weapons you might want to upgrade to!


The Prowler from Into the Spider-verse


For the spiderverse, the restraining spinneret will get you started, but you’ll probably want to look at the Evolutionist to get something approaching those powersets. The Prowler, on the other hand, can be done as an Operative with some solid gauntlet/glove and other gear choices.

One that I always wanted to see was arm tentacles. There are a few tentacle-esque options in Biotech (Slimelashes, Grasping Tentacle, among others) but nothing that quite fit the Omega Red style weaponized augment that I wanted. So let’s fix that.


Omega Red




Item Level 10; Price 22,000; System Arms

You implant extensible coils of steel into your arms. These tentacles can be extended or retracted as a swift action. Once extended the tentacles increase your natural reach by +10 feet, and can be used to make a special unarmed strike that deals lethal bludgeoning damage, doesn’t count as archaic, threatens squares, and has the grab universal monster special ability. You gain Weapon Specialization with this unarmed strike at 3rd level (or if you receive this augment after 3rd level, gain it retroactively). While extended the tentacles limit your ability to do anything with your hands other than hold something, and while they can be used to interact with items and weapons, the tentacles are clumsier than hands, applying a -2 penalty to any attacks made with held items while they are extended. These tentacles can be used to deliver touch spells, make entropic strikes, and similar abilities.

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