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Starfinder – Publication Price Update

My three personal publications: Added Value, The Reach of Hell, and Planar Powers

I didn’t want this to take the place of a regular post, so instead you get a rare, mid-week update. As we get ready to wait for Starfinder 2E, I’ve gone ahead and lowered the prices on my adventure and two Infinite titles:

Added Value

Added Value: A Level 1 Adventure for Starfinder$0.99
Added Valus is a cyberpunk style adventure for first level Starfinder characters that takes them from level 1 to level 2, set in a system neutral metropolis. This adventure also contains a section on Black Market Cybernetic augmentations that can give players and NPCs an edge in a  dangerous world of interstellar crime and intrigue.

The Reach of Hell

Starfinder: The Reach of Hell$0.99

Master the might of Hell with this new Starfinder Infinite publication from Jeremy Corff and Solo Run Studio. Fight for redemption as a reborn Sin-Scarred, harness the power of fiends with Sin-Stained feats, or join the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw!

Planar Powers

Starfinder: Planar Powers$1.99

Harness the power of the Planes in your Starfinder game! Play a Conrasu, or tap into the power of the Maelstrom with Chaos, become a Totemist, or upgrade your character with Elemental Augmentations! 30+ pages of content, including a new playable species, alternate class paths for mystic, soldier, and solarian, 10 pages of new feats, and 6 of new augmentations.

So get them at deep discount, while you can!

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