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Starfinder – Lightsabers

It likely will not surprise long time readers that I’m a die-hard Star Wars fan. I watched all of the Clone Wars (both cartoons), and Rebels, in some cases more than once. So the new Ahsoka show is a big hit with me (though perhaps better titled Star Wars Rebels 2: Ezra Bridger Boogaloo). There have been many TTRPGs licensed for Star Wars over the years, but my personal favorite is Saga Edition. Based on 3.5 d20 mechanics, and written by Owen K. C. Stephens, it shares a lot of the DNA of Starfinder. As such, if you wanted to run a Star Wars game in Starfinder, you can pull inspiration from a lot of the work done in Saga (though getting the books may be somewhat difficult at this point, and there is no online resource like Archives of Nethys for Saga). Somethings don’t translate as well though, in particular the lightsabers.

Ahsoka with her twin white lightsabers


One handed Advanced Melee

Basic Lightsaber32,0001d4 E & F20; usage 2LBright, Deflect, Operative, Penetrating, Powered, Sunder
Padawan Lightsaber79,0003d4 E & FWound40; usage 4LBright, Deflect, Operative, Penetrating, Powered, Sunder
Knight Lightsaber1245,0004d4 E & FWound80; usage 4LBright, Deflect, Operative, Penetrating, Powered, Sunder
Master Lightsaber17310,0007d4 E & FSevere Wound80; usage 4LBright, Deflect, Operative, Penetrating, Powered, Sunder


An elegant weapon for a more civilized age, a lightsaber consists of a handgrip hilt that projects a blade of superheated plasma. The blade is generated by an energy cell and focused through crystals within the hilt. The saber can cut through most materials given enough time. As only the handgrip has any weight, unfamiliar users often have difficulty judging the position of the blade. Variations, such as double bladed, rotating, two-handed, or whip versions are rumored to exist as well.

Lightsabers can be modified by the same crystals used to modify solarian weapons. The crystal is placed within the hilt as the focusing medium, and only one crystal can be used in a lightsaber at any time. It is a 10 minute process to change out the crystal, but it is simple enough that no check is required. Critical effects from crystals can be used in place of the default critical effect of the lightsaber, but only one can be active at any time (you cannot have more than one critical effect). The lightsaber must be of equal or higher item level as the crystal for it to be used.

Still from the fan film that expands on the original Vader vs Obi-wan fight.

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