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Starfinder – Roller Derby

Battle Angel Alita, Rollerball (both times), Solarbabies, Roller Blade, and surprisingly many more. Something about scifi just draws out the urge to make a hyper violent team skating sport (or gang). What Jungian archetype is this calling out in our group psyche? There is just something iconic about going fast and laying waste to all that get in your way. If you’d like to take your Starfinder game into the Motorball tournament, you’ll need the hoverskates from last week, and a suitable theme…

From left to right: Battle Angel Alita, Rollerball (2002), and Solarbabies


MOTORBALLER                 +1 CON

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of the roar of the crowd as you and your team lay waste to the competition on the track, or desperation lead you to the blood stained arena of Motorball, but whatever the cause there are three things that are paramount in your life: blood, skates, and the roar of the crowd.


Years in the minor leagues have left you hardened, quick on your feet, and with a keen sense of the Jam. When attempting a Profession: Motorballer check or Culture check to recall knowledge about sport celebrities and/or details about skate culture, decrease the DC by 5. Athletics or Acrobatics (choose one) become a class skill for you, though if they are class skills from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to Acrobatics or Athletics checks. In addition, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Constitution at character creation.

JAMMER              (6TH)

You have developed a considerable fandom that loves you for your track prowess. You’re famous enough that others require only a DC 15 Culture check to recognize your name and a DC 25 Culture check to recognize you out of context from your appearance alone. You are also highly skilled at the athleticism required to skate, and how to customize your skates to your physiology. Whenever you overcharge your skates you may add an additional +5 feet (This increases to +10 feet at level 12.)


Your name is synonymous with the sport, so much so that it seems odder to see you out of your motorball gear than in it. As long as your gear is in good condition, you don’t take any circumstantial penalties for wearing light armor or heavy armor in social situations (such as wearing golemforged plate to a formal event), and you are expected to wear your hoverskates at all times. You can use Intimidate or Profession (Motorballer; Charisma) to “hide” up to two smaller weapons (such as a small arm or one-handed melee weapon with light bulk) or one larger melee weapon on your body, though you do not conceal the weapon so much as convince others to accept your carrying it without any objections. You can draw these weapons as normal; you do not need to spend a standard action as you would to draw a hidden weapon. Otherwise, this functions as the hide object task of Sleight of Hand. At the GM’s discretion, areas with especially high security may not allow you to carry weapons at all, no matter your reputation.

TOP LEAGUE CHAMPION              (18TH)

Skating and violence have become as natural to you as walking, and you are invigorated by the act, particularly in extreme situations. Up to twice per day, after completing a turn where you made a move action on hoverskates and dealt a finishing blow to a significant enemy, you regain 1 Resolve Point. If there is an audience of at least 5 creatures, you instead gain 2 Resolve Points.

Still from the 'live action' Battle Angel Alita movie

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