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Starfinder – Basic Hoverskates

Did you know there are two different kinds of hoverskates in Starfinder? You could be forgiven if not. They are hidden in unlikely places. The base model, simply Hoverskates, is in Armory. Unfortunately for the casual enthusiast, it’s an 8th level item, so you aren’t going to see the average teen in these bad boys any time soon. The other model, Extreme Hoverskates (no doubt inspired by the 90s, the extremest of eras) are even more expensive and restricted at level 13, and show up in Ports of Call nearly 6 years after the first ones. Only the province of the ‘most extreme’ of skaters. There’s definitely a need for some more basic models, to give the low level skate afficionado some options. Let’s fix that.

Hoverskates from 2015's Jupiter Ascending


Level 2; Price 750

Capacity 10; Usage 1/5 minutes

Hands –; Bulk 1


Available in a variety of colors and patterns, often branded to specific toy lines or vid streams, the basic hoverskate straddles the line between novelty item and legitimate gear. The skates contain antigravity tech that, when activated, suspends you approximately 1 inch off the ground. You do not count as flying when using basic hoverskates; you move at your normal land speed when wearing them. You can walk overland (the basic model isn’t strong enough to support movement over water) and you can ignore difficult terrain. When you take a move action to move your speed, you can increase your land speed by 10 feet by overcharging your basic hoverskates. This extra movement is treated as an enhancement bonus. The basic hoverskates must cool down for 10 minutes before you can overcharge them again.

Basic Hoverskates do not function if you’re encumbered or overburdened.

Jet Set Radio art by Daniel Isles

Now you can feasibly get them early in your adventuring career. But what of the true skater boy/girl, who lives the skate life? Check back next week…

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