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Starfinder – Far Realms

We’re back! This week I’ve been thinking about some of the stranger corners in the Starfinder Universe (in part inspired by posts by MonstersDownThePath on Tumblr). The kind of weird places you only find in the higher levels, and even then, you are probably out of your depth there. Or if you do find them at lower levels, it’s a good indication that the GM is angling for a TPK and a new campaign. Let’s take a quick tour, shall we?

The Plateau of Leng


A demiplane within the already hard to traverse Deamlands, the Plateau of Leng is unknown to even the greatest of scholars, and those who do know of it either wisely avoid further research, or have already taken the first steps toward madness. Leng is the home of some familiar nasties from the various Bestiaries – Gugs, Moon-beasts, Nightgaunts, Leng Ghouls, Leng Spiders, Shantaks, Bholes, and last but very much not least, Denizens of Leng. It is through the Denizens that the presence of Leng is felt throughout the rest of Universe, as they enact their strange designs all over reality, and collect an endless stream of slaves to sacrifice in foul rituals to Nyarlathotep. The Outer God is no distant deity to the Denizens either, as the central peak beyond the plateau that is Leng is home to the dream city of unknown Kadath where the Black Pharoah rules. In as much as Nyarlathotep has a planar realm, Leng is it.

Using Leng in your game isn’t too difficult, as the reach of the Denizens is as long as you need it to be. They serve the shadowy puppet master role very well, drawing any who come into their sway further into madness. Or, if you’d rather be more overt, Aucturn has blatant connections to Nyarlathotep and the Plateau of Leng. Any extended adventure there is likely to lead the PCs off the Material Plane and to Leng, perhaps then to places stranger and more unknown. You can find stats for a fair number of the Leng monsters on ArchivesOfNethys, but the Denizens and few others that don’t have official PF1 to SF conversions yet are available in Legendary Games Alien Bestiary.

Hound of Tindalos


If little is known of Leng, virtually nothing is known about the Dimension of Time beyond it’s existence. A place all but impossible to reach, inhabited by Time Dragons, Danava Titans, Hounds of Tindalos, Things from Beyond Time, and Time Dimensionals, it is (of course) also likely the realm of another Outer God. In this case the even more inscrutable Yog-Sothoth and their avatar Tawil at’Umr. While the geography of Leng is discoverable with enough research and contacting the right Outsiders, virtually nothing is known about what the Dimension of Time even looks like. A land called Tindalos is there (though how, why, and inhabited by whom other than the hounds is unknown), there is a legend of a place called the Desolate Shore, which leads one to the mysterious city of Stethelos at the center of the Dimension of Time, surrounded by the Viridescent Jungle, and that’s it. Most planar travelers trying to reach the Dimension of Time instead get caught on the outer edge, encased in a transparent bubble that shows an endless steam of moments from their possible pasts, presents, and futures. If the traveler can fully remember a single moment they can exit to that point from the Dimension, but should they fail they are subject to increasingly devastating side effects until the Dimension destroys them and scatters the remains in the winds of Time.

How would the Dimension of Time become part of your Starfinder campaign? Two words my friend: Time Travel. Any attempt to move outside the regular progression of time involves the Dimension of Time, and the place is extremely opposed to such meddling. Just speeding up or slowing down time is likely to draw Hounds of Tindalos to you (and they can get ANYWHERE), while actually altering the time stream is going to attract even greater denizens of the Dimension of Time. Part of the reason why so little is known about the Dimension of Time is that it sends its agents to destroy anyone who tries mess with it, and anyone who actually visits is going to be erased from the time stream in very short order. It’s not hard to imagine a time traveling BBEG who is constantly trying to shake the agents of the Dimension of Time, forcing the PCs to fight them in his stead. Not to mention any PreCog pc is going to inherently have some kind of relationship to the Dimension whether they are aware of it or not.

Oliphant of Jandelay


Drug fueled dreams might reveal some hint of Leng, and magic or science that alters time will show some sign of the Dimension of Time, but the only way to get any evidence of the existence of Jandelay is to be present at an apocalypse. A demiplane of Law floating in the see of Chaos that is the Maelstrom, Jandelay is somehow the antithesis of the Maelstrom existing within it. It is protected by the Oliphant of Jandelay (I’m not even going to try to convert that to Starfinder. If your players try to take it on, just roll a bunch of dice and make bad things happen) a being of utter chaos and the physical embodiment of apocalypses. Jandelay itself is a kind of museum plane, composed of an endless field of realms, each extracted from a world destroyed by an apocalypse and populated by a single immortal Collected – the soul of one of the last residents of the destroyed world forever preserved along with their knowledge of the now lost place. This somber museum is presided over by the Watchers, curators of the museum that appear on worlds about to be destroyed to catalogue them and preserve a fragment for Jandelay. The Watchers maintain Jandelay, acting to protect it until the Oliphant can intercede if they have to. So to even know about Jandelay you would have to have been present at the utter destruction of a world, survive, somehow detect the Watchers and figure out what they are doing, avoid becoming a Collected, and get away. A tall order of business.

Jandelay might be a little harder to incorporate into your campaign. As a source of information about dead worlds, much of what could be discovered in Jandelay could also be obtained from the Akashic Record, which might be easier to reach and less dangerous to travel to. But if the party, for some reason, tried to obtain knowledge from the Akashic Record but were denied, and still needed to gain info about a now dead world, then Jandelay would be their only recourse. A possibly more interesting hook could be a Collected that had somehow escaped Jandelay. As a BBEG that has a lot of potential, and everywhere the Collected went would show subtle signs of the Watchers as they try to capture their escaped museum piece. Not to mention possible intercession by the Oliphant itself.

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