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If you are like me, you’ve been hearing some of the hype surrounding Bethesda’s newest game Starfield. Looking very much like a spiritual successor to Mass Effect and the like, Starfield is a solo game set in the future where a group called Constellation is sending out explorers to investigate the galaxy and seek out alien relics. But waiting until September is a long time, so what if you’d like to have a tabletop Starfield experience now? Starfinder to the rescue.

The Starfield banner, as Starfinder

There hasn’t been a lot revealed, so much of this is based on extrapolation from trailers and reveals, so probably a lot will change. That said, here’s what we know about the setting – It’s scifi, so little to no magic and whatever there is likely to be Psychic. At least to start it is humans (and to some degree SRO) only in terms of playable species. It takes place in 2330, 20 years after a war between factions in the Settled Systems (Starfield’s version of Near Space). Grav-Jump looks to be the FTL of the setting, instead of something Drift-like. There are alien species out there, but no sentient ones revealed so far, and you are searching for the relics of some ancient star traveling species that likely have abilities that defy science.

A spaceship lands on an alien world

In Starfinder terms, this means Human and SRO only for starting characters, and the available classes are Biohacker, Envoy, Mechanic, Nanocyte, Operative, and Soldier, with Evolutionist a possible corner case depending on character concept. All the feats, archetypes, and themes that unlock spells and spell-like abilities are out, and no magical or hybrid equipment. That’s pretty slimmed down, but you can still make a lot of interesting parties out of those pieces, and as the game goes on you can introduce more ‘psychic’ elements (magic) as the players discover alien tech and possibly species.

Sounds like a fun kitbash for a Starfinder campaign to me. If anyone tries it out I’d love to hear how it goes.

This will be the last blog post for a few weeks, as I’ve got some IRL stuff coming up that is going to take my weekends. I’ll be back in July, and as always, if you like this or any of the other content here on Solo Run Studio I would welcome a little of your support through Ko-fi. Until next time Starfinders!

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