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Starfinder – Baba Yaga’s Hut is a Mech

There are a few non-deity (or at least demi-god) creatures that exist in the Pathfinder/Starfinder setting that are essentially immortal. Many of the Golarion ones (Ruby Phoenix, Old Mage Jatembe, etc) are very much tied to Golarion itself and unlikely to appear in a Starfinder context without a rediscovery of the missing planet. One notable exception to that, a being that was traveling between planets and solar systems well before the Age of Lost Omens, much less Starfinder modern day, is the legendary witch Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga

I won’t spoil Reign of Winter here (other than that it involves Baba Yaga, which, doesn’t seem like a huge spoiler) but the legendary witch has a significant presence on Triaxus that dates back to before the Age of Lost Omens, and there is a non-zero chance to encounter her or her influence literally anywhere in existence. If I’m incorporating Baba into a campaign, I would start with small hints, and keep in mind that she plays the long game more often than not, as with the benefit of her immortality time is almost always on her side. She rarely sides with existing power structures and is unlikely to join forces with another evil power unless they are her minions, so treat her more as a spoiler, an outsider that tips the scales towards chaos in any situation so that she can accomplish her own inscrutable goals in the confusion. And that goal is just as likely to be petty and personal as it is to be epic in scope.

I’m not going to try and stat up Baba Yaga – she’s at least on level with an Eldest, can’t be destroyed by conventional means, and is able to grant power as a Patron to other witches, so an epic foe best reserved as a plot device rather than an encounter. No mention of the Great Crone would be complete, however,  without incorporating her Dancing Hut. A reoccurring item/creature in TTRPG history (appearing in most editions of D&D, PF1, and many other systems) the Hut is an artifact, a demi-plane, and a creature all at the same time. In Starfinder parlance, the Dancing Hut is perhaps best translated as a Mech.

The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga

CR 17

XP 102,400

Huge Skirmisher Construct (magical)

Operator 5 (one pilot inside and effectively 4 more from the Hut itself); PP 3

Init +8; Senses blindsense (life) 360 ft., blindsight (vibration, see through) 240 ft.; Perception +31

Aura frightful presence (340 ft., DC 22)


HP 300; SP 60; Hardness 8

EAC 31; KAC 33

Fort +17; Ref +17; Will +13

Defensive Abilities fast healing 10, immortal structure, unflankable; Immunities construct immunities, gaze attacks, visual effects and illusions, sight-based attacks; SR 28 


Speed 80 ft.

Melee slam +29 (10d6+20 B, analog, penetrating, plus grab) or talons +29 (10d8+20 S, analog, trip)

Ranged chimney flamethrower +26 (10d10+15 F, ignite, blast or line)

Space 15ft.; Reach 20ft.

Offensive Abilities swallow whole

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 17th)

1/day—interplanetary teleport

3/day—dimension door, plane shift, slip through space (6th level), teleport

At will—burning ash cloud (DC 26), dimensional anchor, greater song of the cosmos (DC 28)


Str +11; Dex +8; Con –; Int –; Wis +10; Cha +1

Skills  Athletics +31, Mysticism +26

Other Abilities mindless, unliving 


Power Core Living Cauldron (functions as a rating 4 Corpsegnawer Core); Auxiliary haste circuit, plow plating, systems jammer, thrusters 


Immortal Structure (Ex) Reducing the Dancing Hut to 0 hit points causes its legs to buckle, bringing the hut itself toppling to the ground. Such a defeat has no effect on the hut’s extradimensional interior or any creatures inside the hut. The hut remains immobile and unresponsive to its owner’s commands to move or use any of the special abilities described in its creature stat block for 24 hours, though the transportive abilities of the hut and its cauldron can still be employed. The hut cannot be reduced to fewer than 0 hit points, no matter what damage, circumstances, or environment it might be subjected to after its defeat. After 24 hours, the hut regains half its hit points (150 hp) and its fast healing ability reactivates. It may then use its special abilities to escape from nearly any situation in which it finds itself. 

Swallow Whole (Ex) If the Dancing Hut successfully grapples a size large or smaller creature with its slam attack, the victim is scooped up by the hut’s front door and flung inside. The target appears within the demi-plane inside the hut. Being inside the hut is not necessarily dangerous, unless one of Baba Yaga’s guardians or some other creature is there. A swallowed creature can attempt to escape by breaking open the front door, a deceptively sturdy barrier with hardness 15 and 100 hit points that also benefits from the hut’s fast healing ability. The hut can expel swallowed creatures as two actions, flinging them from its open door. It must attempt a bull rush against creatures that don’t wish to leave, with failure meaning the target is able to hold on to the pitching and warping interior. The hut may choose which creatures it wishes to expel and which to keep inside. 

The Dancing Hut appears as a rustic hut on two huge, fifteen-foot-tall chicken legs. Despite its comical appearance, its outer shell is a powerful construct capable of rapid movement and vicious attacks. On the inside, the hut is much larger than it looks from the outside, with an interior layout that changes depending on multiple variables. In addition to the near limitless size of the interior, it also contains portals to the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom and various other planes and locations, subject to change at any time. 

The Hut’s movement can be controlled by manipulating a small brown egg in a dish on a table in the central room, while its ability to teleport throughout the multiverse is activated by tossing two “keys” into a bubbling cauldron. Each location to which the hut can travel is linked to two specific keys. For example, to teleport to Triaxus, one must toss some bone meal and a snowflake into the cauldron. Keys that have been used, stolen, or destroyed reappear in the hut one hour later. 

The appearance of the Dancing Hut is momentous. Baba Yaga typically sets her artifact down in a woodland clearing, surrounding it with a fence made of magically animated bones and skulls. All animals within a five-mile radius flee from it immediately, as if a forest fire were behind them. From a great distance away, observers hear the crashing of thunder and great trees as storms brew and trees uproot and reroot themselves to make way for the Hut’s passage and then hide its path. 

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