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Starfinder – Kree Universal Weapon

With the new Marvels trailer out, I thought it was time to tackle something I’ve been putting off. I’ve always been a fan of Marvel’s space adventures, in the comics and on the screen, and I’d even go so far to say you could do worse than plumb the Guardians of the Galaxy (2015-2019) cartoon for Starfinder adventure ideas. Unlike the super-power slug fest of terrestrial Marvel, with the exception of a few god-tier characters (Silver Surfer, certain incarnations of Adam Warlock) the space comics are virtually indistinguishable from mid to high tier Starfinder games. I’ve joked before that the 2006 Annihilation plot line would make a great Epic Starfinder game, and I’m really only half joking.

Still from Marvels showing Accusers with their Universal Weapons

Which brings me to the Kree. One of 3 major alien empires in Marvel, the Kree are the human-like militaristic space empire of the setting (at least, a little more than the Shi’ar) and source for much of the interstellar Sci-Fi tech in the setting. An iconic piece of that are the hammers used by the Accuser corp, most notably wielded by Ronan the Accuser (whom you may recall from Guardians of the Galaxy 1). Just to look at it, you may say ‘big deal it’s a space maul.’ Not so my friend, that big metal bonk-stick is a Universal Weapon and one of the most powerful armaments in the Kree arsenal. So much so that the writers have intentionally been vague about just what abilities the Universal Weapon’s have (going all the way back to Ronan’s first appearance in Fantastic Four #65 back in 1967). As Supreme Accuser, Ronan’s Universal Weapon just does too many things for me to try to sum up on one item, but that’s no reason not to take a shot at full range of lesser versions.

Ronan about to do something terrible with his Universal Weapon fused with the Power Infinity Stone


Two-Handed Weapons

Universal Weapon, Hammer64,8001d10 B & (C, E, or F)Staggered40 ft.20; usage 22Force, Hybrid, Modal, Powered, Unwieldy
Universal Weapon, Sledge914,0003d10 B & (C, E, or F)Staggered40 ft.30; usage 22Force, Hybrid, Modal, Powered, Unwieldy
Universal Weapon, Maul1475,0006d10 B & (C, E, or F)Staggered60 ft.50; usage 22Force, Hybrid, Modal, Powered, Unwieldy
Universal Weapon, Gavel18400,0009d10 B & (C, E, or F)Staggered80 ft.80; usage 22Force, Hybrid, Modal, Powered, Unwieldy


The chosen weapon of elite law enforcement units from an ancient empire, universal weapons are made from hyper durable alloys and contain technology able to transform energy into a variety of forms. Though shaped like a simple hammer, universal weapons are able to switch to firing beams with a gesture, or the weapon can be employed as a traditional maul. Each weapon is genetically and magically keyed to a specific individual and does not function for anyone else. The keyed individual can reset this genetic lock, but the process takes an hour and must be done willingly.

Universal weapons are treated as both advanced melee and small arms weapons, depending on whether they are being used in melee or ranged mode. Switching the weapon from melee functionality to ranged functionality (or vice versa) is a swift action. Due to the modal property, the weapon can be switched from cold, electricity, or fire as a move action, but always contains the bludgeoning element. Legends speak of a version that can create force fields, confers flight, super strength, and the ability to transform matter, among other powers yet to be revealed.

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