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Starfinder – Beskar and the return of the Mando

The Mandolorian concept art

We live in something of a golden age of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Sci-Fantasy enabled in large part by streaming media platforms. As a child I would never have believed the amount of Star Wars programing we are currently awash in, much less all the other great new ideas and beloved franchises that are getting their stories told. All of which is to say that long time blog favorite The Mandalorian is back, so we had to have a post to commemorate the occasion.

You might not know about all the other Mando posts we’ve had here on Solo Run, so here’s a quick rundown.

IG-XX robot – the model of highly illegal hunter-killer droid that IG-88 and IG-11 are part of.

The Mudhorn – source of Mando and Grogu’s crest.

The Ravinak – deadly space walrus from the first episode.

The Greater Krayt Dragon – who needs no introduction.

Skyjacks – aerial menace of the skies of Navaro.

Scorpenek Annihilator – from the book of Boba Fett.

This week, rather than stat up another monster (you can make your own giant croco-turtle using the Predator from Alien Archive 2, page 102) let’s instead look at a key element of the setting – Beskar. It is easy to dismiss Mandalorian steel as little more than Star War’s version of adamantine, but it’s actually a bit different. Yes, it is a highly dense alloy that resists most forms of damage, but unlike adamantine it is specifically resistant to fire based weapons like blasters and light sabers. In Starfinder that might look something like this…

Mando and the Beskar spear


Beskar is a special alloy created by the Mandalorian clans as part of their ancient war against a cult of space wizards. The exact method to work the alloy is a closely guarded secret, making each piece of armor and weaponry of Beskar steel rare and valuable. Weapons and ammunition fashioned from Beskar overcome the damage reduction of creatures with DR/adamantine, and deal half-again as much damage to creatures with the fire subtype (such as Efreeti). Armor fashioned with Beskar incorporated into the composite materials provide the wearer with fire resistance equal to the level of the item. Objects made of pure Beskar have a hardness of 30, 50 HP per inch of thickness, and are immune to fire.

Ammunition (Beskar alloy) +40 credits per cartridge

Weapon (Beskar alloy) +2000 credits

Armor (Beskar alloy) +15% the cost of the base armor

Raw Material (1 bulk) 600cr

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