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Starfinder – Shadow IN the Colossus

The SDF-1 from Robotech

I was watching a show recently and there was a twist. The dungeon the protagonists were in woke up, started walking around, and destroying the landscape around them. A lot of readers probably know the show I’m talking about here, but I won’t spoil it. It also reminded me of a movie from last year that pulled a similar twist, though on a much larger scale. And, of course, there is also the Exogorth from Empire Strikes Back.

Exogorth from Empire Strikes Back

I love this idea for Starfinder though, because not only does the setting already have Kaiju (looking at you Daimalko) it even has the Tekenki, colossal construct Kaiju that could all too easily fill both the role of roving disaster and dungeon (and do just that in at least one Starfinder Society Scenario). All you really need is some rules for what exactly happens when the dungeon you are trying to explore turns out to be a gigantic monster that if it notices you moving around inside it, might not be thrilled by the invasion.

Tekenki kaiju

This kind of encounter is going to be different than your typical dungeon plod. I’d run it by rounds, and every single round there is a chance something about the environment is going to shift drastically. The party should have a clear goal – they need to get something, or break something, or fight something, but whatever it is they should know or find out very early on, because they aren’t going to want to overstay their welcome. In that interest, don’t over-complicate the map. Even a simple hall with 5 rooms branching off is going to be a lot. Don’t count on the party getting anything but the main objective either, as a savvy group will quickly realize they need to prioritize the mission and may not be able to survive much side exploration.

Every round the party is in the awakened Kaiju, roll on the following table. You’ll need to scale hazards (and monsters) to your party’s level.

1-2 A floating drone spawns and attacks the nearest party member.

3-4 Gravity shift as the kaiju reorients. Party makes reflex saves or falls as the wall suddenly becomes the floor. See page 400-401 in the CRB for Fall and Falling Object damage.

5-6 The walls close in, crushing, then retract, ala the Trash Compactor Trap from CRB page 412 (use table 11-14 to scale DC and damage).

7-8 Corrosive gas floods the area. Use the Disintegration Chamber Trap from CRB page 413 412 (use table 11-14 to scale DC and damage).

9-10 Radiation! The area is briefly flooded with High Radiation (see CRB 404), potentially exposing everyone.

11-12 Free fall as the kaiju jumps, falls, flies, or something more dramatic. For the next round the entire place is in Zero-G (see CRB page 402). Remember when gravity comes back that falling, and falling objects, will be a concern.

13-14 We aren’t alone in here. 1d4 creatures of a minor threat to the party rush in and attack. Could be electrovores or similar.

15-16 The Kaiju roars! Use chart 11-14 from CRB page 412 for sonic damage and save DC, and anyone who fails is deafened for 1d4 rounds.

17-18 Seismic shift, as the kaiju moves the entire place shakes like an earthquake. Reflex saves for everyone or they are knocked prone (use chart 11-14 for the DC).

19-20 Nothing happens, for now.

Hope you can add a little spice to your game with this twist, and if you like this or any of the other Solo Run Studio posts, look for an upcoming Starfinder Infinite title. Here’s a preview!

Planar Powers, coming soon to Starfinder Infinite!

As always, I would welcome a little of your support through Ko-fi. Until next time Starfinders!

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