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Starfinder – Zero-Pulse Grenades

Whenever you see gravity weapons in video games or in TTRPGs it is almost always some effect that increases gravity somehow – either a localized effect or a projectile with increased gravity, or similar. What about weaponizing zero-g? Starfinder does already have antigravity grenades, but what if we add a twist onto that…

Ravagers flung into the air by traps in Guardians of the Galaxy 2


A modification on antigravity grenades developed by the Eclipse Academy, these weapons have quickly made their way into markets throughout Pact space. The grenade creates a null-g field, but then introduces a mild secondary shockwave and weaponize the field by flinging anyone effected high into the air, only to crash down seconds later when the null-g field collapses.

Any creature (or object) within the area of effect of a zero-pulse grenade immediately experiences a lack of gravity, and must make a DC 20 Acrobatics or Athletics check or become off-kilter. They also must make a reflex save (as standard for grenades), or be thrown 10 feet x (the item level of the grenade) into the air. On the next turn the gravity in the area of effect returns to normal, and if that gravity is greater than null, and they are still elevated, they immediately crash to the ground taking falling damage as normal and, if damaged, land prone.

Sci-fi Grenades by Pallacium


Zero-Pulse Grenade MK I430020 ft.DrawnLExplode (10 ft., see text)
Zero-Pulse Grenade MK II7100020 ft.DrawnLExplode (15 ft. , see text)
Zero-Pulse Grenade MK III12550020 ft.DrawnLExplode (20 ft. , see text)
Zero-Pulse Grenade MK IV162500020 ft.DrawnLExplode (25 ft. , see text)

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