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Starfinder – Augment Enhancement

Way back in 2019 I did a post on Elemental Augmentations, adding in a system by which characters could gain further benefits associated with specific elements by having more augmentations that were associated with those elements. Not a big boost, but thematic, I thought. What about characters that focus on cybernetics, magitech, or necrografts? These shouldn’t be as significant as the bonuses the upcoming Evolutionist gets, and should stack with rather than compete with those bonuses given that Evolutionists are likely to get a lot of augments. With that in mind…

Robocop, Concept art from Gigantic, and the Corpse Marine from Starfinder

The Construct Path

Originally pioneered by the Cyberborn of Verces, by avoiding magitech augmentations and focusing on cybernetic enhancements that are compatible, savvy users are able to eek an extra level of performance out of their systems.

  • A creature with three cybernetic augmentations and no magitech augmentations gains a +2 racial bonus on saves vs death effects, and once per short rest may spend a Resolve Point as a free action for a +2 racial bonus on any Fortitude save.
  • A creature with five cybernetic augmentations and no magitech or necrograft augmentations gains the Constructed racial trait. If they already have the Constructed trait, the racial bonus from it are doubled.

Chimeric Synthesis

Rumored to have come from old Golarion, the origins of Chimeric Synthesis are a mystery of the Gap. Whomever discovered it, the series of rituals and potions that can be consumed to unlock greater power in magitech augmentations are widely shared on infospheres across known space.

  • A creature with three magitech augmentations and no cybernetic augmentations gains Technomantic Dabbler as a bonus feat, and their key ability score is Intelligence or Constitution, whichever is higher.
  • A creature with five magitech augmentations and no cybernetic or biotech augmentations may siphon magic by spending a Resolve Point as a free action to regain a number of stamina points equal to the level of any spell cast within 30 feet of them.

Whispers of the Grave

The Whispers originate from Eox, but are hardly a secret. Most places that will sell and install necrografts have a chart posted with the simple necromantic diagrams and devotions needed to draw further necrotic power from the undead flesh. Nor are there any restrictions on other augmentations. All that is needed is the will to embrace this fell source of power.

  • A creature with three necrografts gains a +2 racial bonus on saves versus exhaustion, fatigue, and non-lethal damage.
  • A creature with five necrografts draws strength from the dying, siphoning life from departing souls. Any time a living creature within 30 feet of them is reduced to 0 HP they may spend a Resolve Point as a free action to regain twice that creature’s CR in Stamina. Once this is done that creature cannot be restored to life by a mystic cure or similar magic, regardless of what level it is cast at. This is a death effect.

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