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Starfinder VS Spelljammer

With the release of Spelljammer there is another major Sci-Fantasy setting in the TTRPG space to compete with Starfinder. They are markedly different in tone and feel, but do share the same concept of traveling through the cosmos, visiting strange new worlds and confronting enemies both new and old across a backdrop of stars. I haven’t had a chance to dig into much of the new Spelljammer content yet, but I’m always interested in seeing new game content regardless of system.

Spelljammer VS Starfinder.

However, what if you wanted to run Spelljammer style games in Starfinder? For the most part you can use existing material – there are already all the mechanics you need for a high-magic space faring campaign, and reskinning starships as being more akin to sailing vessels from the Age of Discovery is simple enough. There are even analogs for most of the playable species:

Human = Human

Astral Elves = Elves (I’d use the Asanan Elf alternate traits, but replace the limited telepathy with an ability to spend a Resolve point to teleport 15 ft + 5 ft per level as a standard action)

Autognomes = SRO, specifically the small sized version

Hadozee = Neskinti (originally had Maraquoi, but LighteningCat from Discord suggested this better fit)

Thrikeen = Shirren, trading out Communalism and Cultural Fascination for the Kastha’s Desert Stride and 4-Armed traits

Plasmoid = Entu Colony, trading out Tactical Symbiosis for the Maraquoi’s Prehensile Tail trait to serve as their pseudopods.

Which brings us to the Giff. Somewhat similar to the Vesk, the Giff are none-the-less different enough that I’d give them a whole new species write up. Like this:



Ability Modifiers +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Wis

Hit Points 6


Giff are Medium monstrous humanoids with the giff subtype.

Damage Dealer

Giff have an innate sense of just where to hit something to damage it the most. Any time they roll damage they may reroll a single die that rolled a one, but must take the new result regardless of the outcome. They may use this ability only once per round.

Hold Breath

Giff can hold their breath for 30 minutes, and taking actions does not reduce this duration.

Natural Swimmer

Giff have a land movement speed of 30 feet and a swim speed of 30 feet.

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