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Starfinder – Predator Net

In Prey, the recent Predator movie, there are numerous call backs to the previous movies. One in particular that stood out, to me at least, was the net launcher weapon the Predator uses. Originally introduced in the 1990 film Predator 2, this is one of the few weapons in the Predator series that doesn’t already have a relatively accurate analog in Starfinder. So let’s fix that.

Alien VS Predator net weapon attack

Looking at how the weapon functions in both films, it’s effectively a single target grenade. This is similar to the existing Nyfiber Net, but there are a few key differences. The range is too short (I’d put the Predator net at 30 ft effective range when thrown, longer if a net launcher gun is used), the effect is too mild (the Predator net doesn’t just entangle, it pins), and the net is a passive hazard rather than something that is actively constricting the target. So let’s put all that together.

Prey Net Weapon attack


Python Net Grenade, MK I690030 ft.DrawnLExplode (Pinned, constrict 1d8 S&B, 5 ft.)
Python Net Grenade, MK II103,00030 ft.DrawnLExplode (Pinned, constrict 2d8 S&B, 5 ft.)
Python Net Grenade, MK III1530,00030 ft.DrawnLExplode (Pinned, constrict 3d8 S&B, 15 ft.)

Originally developed for hunting use, python net grenades have found a wide variety of applications since their introduction. Python net grenades are a grenade-like net weapon, and any character proficient in grenades is proficient in their use. Like a grenade they require a save of any creature within the target radius of effect, with the DC calculated like all grenades. On a successful save any creature in the radius is unaffected. On a failed save the creature is pinned. At the start of the pinned creature’s next turn they may as a full round action attempt a save at a -2 penalty, freeing themselves on a success, but taking the constrict damage on a fail (or if they chose not to attempt the save). This continues on every subsequent turn, with the -2 penalty applying cumulatively, until the creature either frees itself or succumbs to the constrict damage of the net.

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