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Starfinder – What Could Have Been

The new Dark Archive book is out for Pathfinder 2nd Edition, which wouldn’t normally effect Starfinder much, but the Time Mage Dedication looks like it’s stealing a bit of the Precog’s thunder. More specifically, the feat What Could Have Been –

Allusions to Arcane and a certain Sting song aside, this seems like a natural fit in Starfinder. The Summon Creature spell is already pretty open ended as to just what and who you are summoning, but more to the point, the Precog doesn’t have access to that spell. The idea of summoning an alternate timeline version of yourself to aid in battle seems very in keeping with the core concept of both the Precog and the Witchwarper, so let’s take a look at how we can make this work for them.


What Could Have Been

You call on an alternate you for aid.

Prerequisites: Precog or Witchwarper class, ability to cast 2nd-level spells.

Benefit: If summon creature (levels 1-6) is not on your spell list, you add it, and may swap out a spell known for summon creature. When you cast summon creature, you may spend a Resolve Point to choose to alter it so that instead of summoning one creature from your selection of creatures, you instead summon a version of yourself from an alternate timeline that has the summoning graft of the that type of creature. You can only ever summon one such creature (eg. you cannot cast a 3rd level summon creature to bring three alternate versions of you at a lower level.) This creature remains the type of creature you summoned (plus the following adjustments), but it clearly resembles you, likely sharing some distinguishing features, such as mannerisms, speech patterns, tattoos, clothing, and such. In addition to the summoned creature graft, this summon also has a class graft (ignore the required array), with abilities appropriate to it’s CR. This class graft may be any class, it does not have to match yours. Any gear the summoned creature possesses disappears when the summon ends. Under no circumstances should the summon have this feat and the summon creature spell. Like any summon, you should prepare the stat block before using it in game, and should work with your GM so that the game doesn’t grind to a halt when you cast this modified spell.

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