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PaizoCon 2022 – Assimilation Strain

It’s PaizoCon time! I can’t make it in person this year, so I’ll be doing the online con thing again, but I will be running a game for Legendary Games on Saturday – The Assimilation Strain

The Assimilation Strain

Recently converted to Pathfinder 2E and D&D 5E, the Assimilation Strain is the prelude or Session 0 of the Legendary Planets AP – a multi-world spanning adventure path that combines high adventure with a Sci-Fantasy setting and takes the players from 1st to 20th level in the process.

In Assimilation Strain, by Tom Philips and Neil Spicer, the players visit the humble town of Holver’s Ferry where strange events hint at an influence far beyond the ordinary that has left the entire village in disarray. With strong themes of Space Horror, Body Horror, and Infection, this is not an adventure for the faint of heart!

If you’d like to get a taste of the Adventure in a Pathfinder Second Edition and have an open slot on Saturday morning, sign-ups are here. Spots are limited, so don’t wait!

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