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Starfinder – Kobolds in Space!

Kobolds in space! With just those three words we already have a mental picture full of industrious little dragonkin eagerly tinkering with high tech, dragon themed devices while dealing with a species wide inferiority complex. Thanks to the Starfinder Alien Character Deck we already have the basic write up for Kobolds as a playable character option. But that’s just the beginning.

Starfinder Kobold

Looking to Pathfinder Second Edition (APG and Ancestry Guide), there is a wealth of feats and content for the scaly little trapsmiths. Taking out the somewhat funny but also cringe options like Draconic Sycophant, there are a couple of options strong enough to convert into feats for Starfinder. Without further ado:

This image is on Starfinder Kobold's inspirational posters.


Draconic magic flows through your veins.

Prerequisites: Ability to cast spells, Kobold subtype, must have the Dragon-Scaled trait.

Benefit: The DC of spells you cast increases by 1 (this bonus can stack with Spell Focus), and +1 to damage with any spell that deals the same type of energy damage as the resistance granted by your Dragon-Scale trait.


Your connection to your draconic exemplar is strong enough that you develop a breath weapon of your own.

Prerequisites: Kobold subtype, and must have the Dragon-Scaled trait.

Benefit: as a standard action you can expel a breath weapon as an extraordinary ability. The damage type and whether it is a cone or line is determined by the scale color you have from your Dragon-Scaled trait, from the following list: black-scaled kobolds or copper-scaled kobolds gain a 30 ft line breath weapon that deals acid damage, green-scaled kobolds gain a 15 ft cone breath weapon that deals acid damage, blue-scaled kobolds or bronze-scaled kobolds gain a 30 ft line breath weapon that deals electricity, red-scaled kobolds or gold-scaled kobolds gain a 15 ft cone breath weapon that deals fire damage, brass-scaled kobolds gain a 30 ft line breath weapon that deals fire damage, and silver-scaled or white scaled kobolds gain a 15 ft cone breath weapon that deals cold damage. The breath weapon deals 1d6 damage for every level you have (so 20d6 at level 20).  Targets in the area can attempt a Reflex save (DC = 10 + half your level + your Constitution modifier) to take only half damage. At 10th level the range of the breath weapon (cone or line) is doubled.  You are not harmed by using your own breath weapon. Once you’ve used your breath weapon, you can’t use it again until you’ve rested for 10 minutes to regain Stamina Points, though you can spend 1 Resolve Point at any point to recharge it immediately.


You have started to develop draconic wings. While initially weak, they develop into powerful and agile appendages as you grow.

Prerequisites: Kobold subtype, character level 5th

Benefit: You sprout wings that provide you with an extraordinary fly speed of 15 ft, with clumsy maneuverability. Your clothing and armor must be altered to accommodate your new wings, and you can’t use your wings to fly if you are encumbered or overburdened. Your fly speed increases by +15 ft for every 2 levels you gain beyond 5th (so total of 30 ft at 7th level, 45 ft at 9th, and so on). Your maneuverability increases to average at level 11, and perfect at level 17.


The basic principles of engineering are in your blood.

Prerequisites: Kobold subtype

Benefit: You gain an additional +1 racial bonus on Engineering and Physical Science checks (this stacks with the Crafty trait). Once per day you may reroll a failed Engineering check to disarm a trap.

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