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Starfinder – Mysteries of Old Golarion

This last week Luis Loza put up a post on reddit asking what areas of the Lost Omens setting fans would like to learn more about. Interesting on its own, there is always the possibility that something changing in Lost Omens will effect Starfinder (and some indications that a crossover event that effects both parts of the timeline might happen this year), but it also raises an a point I’d thought I’d explore here – what unresolved mysteries from old Golarion might be interesting to explore in Starfinder?

I could probably do several thousand words on this topic, but I’ve got freelance deadlines to meet, so I’m going to keep the scope here to just three major elements of Golarion lore that might effect the Pact Worlds and beyond. So, let’s look the Aiudara network, the Alghollthu masters, and long lost Androffa.


The Aiudara network, or Elf-gates, are the series of artifact gate portals built by the ancient elves during the Age of Serpents and Age of Legend. The very fact of their existence hints that elven society possessed even greater magical power in that long forgotten age than anything like what they had in existing records or the modern age of the Pact Worlds. Keep in mind this is roughly 13,000 years previous to the Lost Omens time period, and given the unknown length of the gap (per CRB, likely several millennia) so add whatever that was plus the 300 and change of AG time. So, an almost unimaginable amount of time ago. That said, the Aiudara network spanned several planets (Castrovel, Golarion, Verces, and Akiton at the very least) and the events in Temple of the Twelve (Dead Suns #2) indicate that the gates might have even been used for interstellar travel. The Elven ability to adapt to ecosystems would seem to support this, as they seem to alter themselves as a species to accommodate their population to whatever biome seems dominant. So it’s entirely possible the Aiudara network spans multiple solar systems in an interconnected system  (ala Stargate or the Gate of Irvel series by C. J. Cherryh). We even have a green dragon lording over a portal hub in Telasia on Castrovel (Pact Worlds page 35), one that could very well connect to this larger network.

Alghollthu master

Let’s go back even further now. There are very few things in the Golarion/Pact Worlds setting that claim to predate the Gods and the current reality. That would be the Outer Gods, the Dominion of the Black, Desna, Zon-Kuthon, and the Alghollthu masters. I’ve posited before (see the Domion of the Black article) that some kind of reality predates the current cosmology of the Golarion/Pact Worlds setting, and that those powers claiming to come from a time before existed in this reality before it collapsed into raw chaos. If that is true, the Alghollthu masters and their aboleth minions must be the most minor of factions to survive the transition. If they did, there absolutely no reason to think they lived solely on Golarion, and even if they did, that they stayed there when their Azlanti minions were able to travel out of the solar system before Earthfall. So the Alghollthu are probably still out there, may even now be the power behind the Ioun Throne, and who knows what other schemes they have hatched in untold millenia?

Androffan robot

Those are both ancient arcane empires that might have some effect on the current Pact Worlds, but what of a technological one? We know of the Kishalee and Sivv empires from the Dead Suns AP, which existed thousand of thousands years prior to AG 322 (see The Ruined Clouds, Dead Suns #4), but more recently than that was the Androffans. We know from Iron Gods (Fires of Creation, Iron Gods #1) that the Androffan vessel Divinity crashed onto Golarion in -4363 AR, roughly 9,000 before the Lost Omens period. Divinity was the pinnacle of Androffan technology, and had a working FTL engine long before Drift travel was a thing. The ship ran afoul of the Domion of the Black before crashing, so it’s quite likely the Dominion back tracked the ship to Androffa. Even if not, lore from the Paizo boards is that Androffa was largely wiped out by a cabal of Gods for their hubris. If parts of the Divinity survived into the Lost Omens age, it’s quite likely that other remnants of Androffan technology persist as well, closer to their home solar system. Much of their technology has been matched or surpassed by AG 322, but certainly not their FTL drive, and who knows what other marvels they might have discovered? Not to mention Casandalee, one third of Triune, owes her origin however indirectly to the Androffan. The church would certainly be interested in finding that ancient Empire.

There you have it. If you are looking for a hook to start your own Starfinder adventure, anyone one of those would make a great seed to start from. What mysteries from old Golarion do you think would make an interesting addition to the Pact Worlds setting? Hit me up on twitter @Belabras with your ideas.

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