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Starfinder – Tech Revolution!

This week let’s look at the new Tech Revolution book. I’ve been waiting for this one to come out for awhile (looking forward to mech rules!) so I’m eager to dig into it.

Starfinder - Tech Revolution!
Tech Revolution!

First the Class section. The Nanocyte is a pretty beefy frontliner with some interesting abilities. Their key ability score is Con, just like Vanguards, so just like their entropy driven brethren they are going to be quite tough. Add in lots of damage mitigation, self healing, and a fair dose of utility powers, and I can definitely see these guys taking on a tank role in a party. Biohackers get some auto-booster options (no having to shoot your allies anymore!), Envoy get signature items and a form of techno-empathy, Mechanics get great new options in the explosives expert and vehicular mechanic (both of which make me excited about the Mechanic, a class I’d never had much interest in) as well as expanded drone options, Mystic leans into possessing tech with helpful spirits (which is fun and potentially hilarious) and item forging, Operative gets a dedicated sniper option that I know a lot of people have been wanting, Solarians get an option to switch from having fire focused powers to electrical ones (great for Dawn of Flame!), Soldier continues to be the weapons expert with a Spray and Pray combat style and more gear boosts, Technomancer get the option to have a drone familiar (somewhat similar to the Nanomancer from Legendary Games), Vanguards get a ranged entropic strike option and some Aspects centered around tech breaking, and Witchwarper get an alternate class feature to just summon items whenever they need them instead of Infinite Worlds (which seems fun).

Dr Trox will see you now
Dr. Trox will see you now.

The equipment section is full of fun, interesting, and wacky tech items. I won’t go through them in detail, but this is great stuff. It also includes Hoverchair options (the Starfinder version of the battle wheelchair) which is absolutely awesome IMHO. Lots of creative stuff in the armor section, including cool new armor powers and augments, as well as more power armor. Fantastic new augments which are going to blow people’s minds. The weapons will have your inner Mandalorian squealing, and even has a devastating space guitar! Tech relics, which ride the line between technological and magical with some strange results. Then there is the EXPLOSIVES section. Finally, we have an expansion of the hacking system from the CRB, bringing more of a Shadowrun-esque net dive to hacking.

Next we have vehicles, introducing a whole new vehicle creation system (greatly expanded the two page pass in the CRB) and a wealth of pre-made vehicles.  Also covering vehicles in encounters, whether that’s in a combat or a chase, and how they change the game. I’ll definitely be coming back to this stuff for future posts.

Let them fight!
Let them fight!

Mechs! There is a lot of meat in here, as we get an entirely new system (somewhat familiar to anyone who did the playtest) that brings mechs and mech battles to Starfinder. The Mech creation rules remind me a bit of Battletech back in the day, which probably isn’t an accident. Building NPC mechs is much simpler, as it should be, allowing GMs to streamline the process. Mech combat is a collaborative experience somewhere between Starship Combat and the regular encounter mechanics that Starfinder refined from D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder 1e. I’ll be digging into this at a later point, so look for that in future posts. I love the designs for pre-made mechs too. So much flavor, and giant robot design is always fun.

Vesk mechs seem very straightforward.

After Mechs we have Galaxy of Tech, a section that goes over how advanced tech effects different parts of the lives of people in the Pact Worlds and beyond. I didn’t have a chance to dig into this much, but I’m eager to go through it. Lots of interesting ideas here.

And that’s the whole kit and caboodle. Definitely a much more crunchy book than GEM, with a lot of content here for both players and GMs. I forsee this being a pretty big part of my Starfinder games going forward.

As always, if you like this or any of the other content here on Solo Run Studio I would welcome a little of your support through Ko-fi. Until next time Starfinders!

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