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Starfinder – Mega-Waffles!

Eoxian Mega-waffles TM are packed full of the digestible calories your ancestors loved while they were still alive! Made of 100% non-gmo semi-organic polymater lovingly hand crafted by our food-substance technicians according to a traditional recipe handed down by maternal progenitors from eons past, our Mega-waffles TM have all the proteins and other vita-minerals the majority of animate sentients need! Start your day off right with a steaming hot plate of Mega-waffles TM

Eoxian Mega-waffles!
Mmm, just like grandma probably made!


Level 1; Price 100; Bulk L


Part of a recent expansion by Eoxian flesh-factories into the food stuff market, no one is quite sure how mega-waffles are made. Nominally a breakfast food, they are typically prepared by toasting the disc of food matter and putting butter, syrup, or other flavor enhancers on top, but can be eaten directly out of the package without apparent negative effects. For the next 12 hours you gain a +1 enhancement bonus on Fortitude saves vs poisons and diseases, but suffer a -1 penalty vs mind-affecting enchantments. You also temporarily gain the necrograft subtype for the duration. Eating multiple servings of mega-waffles in one day doesn’t provide you with any additional benefits.

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