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Starfinder – Blightburn Connection

One idea I’ve been kicking around in my not-so-ample free time is putting together a Dwarf centric book for Starfinder. Something that goes over the now interstellar mining clans of the diminutive race, how they’ve adapted to life beyond planetside, and how that has changed their culture. If I ever do get to do that project, today’s bit of content is likely to be a part of that write up. That’s because today I am tackling the Blightburn connection for Mystics.

Blight from Batman Beyond
Blight from Batman Beyond

Radiation is not a common encounter for terrestrial miners, but in space it is a real threat that can be hard to detect. The deadly hazard is simply a part of space exploration, a fact particularly apparent to asteroid miners. Stone is part of dwarven heritage though, and while it may be rare, there are those that have learned to tap into the power of Blightburn and make it their ally. Most of the great mining clans have at least one Blightburner, as their ability to detect and ameliorate the threat of radiation to miners is all too often crucial to the success of a venture.


Radiation is an insidious threat, largely invisible with effects that are devastating but often not immediately apparent. For all the danger, the potential power in inherent in the decay of unstable matter is tremendous, and you have learned how to tap into a fraction of that potency.

Associated Deities: Angradd, Dranngvit, Droskar

Associated Skills: Medicine and Physical Science

Spells: 1st – detect radiation, 2nd – resist radiation, 3rd – remove affliction, 4th – remove radioactivity, 5th –remove condition greater, 6th –  regenerate

Harness Radiation (Sp) – 1st Level

You can channel radiation as a standard action, causing you to glow like a torch. This effect lasts until you dismiss it as a standard action. Additionally, while channeling radiation you can generate small amounts of heat with your hands. This radiation can slowly heat unattended objects with a touch to a warm (but not painfully hot) temperature, or cook raw meat or vegetable matter at a rate of 1 pound per minute. You can also heat an analog melee weapon that you are currently holding, causing it to deal an addition 1 point of fire damage on a successful attack. While heated, the affected weapon also sheds light as a flashlight.

Blightburn Ray (Sp) – 3rd Level

You can cast energy ray as a spell-like ability an unlimited number of times per day, using your Wisdom as your casting stat, but the only energy your ray can do is fire and acid (split evenly) as it breaks down the atomic bonds of its target. You also gain a special version of the Weapon Specialization feat with this spell that allows you to add your mystic level to your damage rolls for this spell-like ability.

Radioactive Resistance (Su) – 6th Level

You are immune to low-level radiation, and gain a +6 enhancement bonus to saves against higher levels of radiation. You can spend a Resolve Point as an immediate action to grant all allies withing 30 ft of you this ability for 10 minutes.

Blightburn Aura (Su) – 9th Level

Your body surges with a greater greenish, radioactive glow whenever you channel radiation. This energy sheds light like a beacon. A creature that hits you with a melee attack while you are channeling radiation takes fire and acid damage equal to your Mystic level.

Greater Radioactive Resistance (Su) – 12th Level

Your immunity increases to low-level and medium-level radiation, and your bonus is now a +10 enhancement bonus to saves against higher levels of radiation. You can spend a Resolve Point as an immediate action to grant all allies withing 60 ft of you this ability for 1 hour.

Blightburn Taint (Su) – 15th Level

While you are channeling radiation, a creature that takes Hit Point damage from your attacks or blightburn aura is exposed to high-level radiation. This radiation bypasses armor environmental protections.

Radioactive Apotheosis (Su) – 18th Level

Your immunity increases to encompass all levels of radiation. You can spend 2 Resolve Points as an immediate action to grant all allies withing 100 ft of you this ability for 1 day.

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