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Wayfinder 21

PaizoCon is almost upon us (next weekend!) so this will be the last blog post until after the Con. As is traditional at this point, I’m going to urge everyone to check out Wayfinder. Quite likely the most high quality, free, fan-made TTRPG publication, Wayfinder is a beloved staple in the Paizo RPG community. The number of contributors that have gone on from publishing in Wayfinder to being freelancers or even full time at Paizo or other publishers is staggering, and many still contribute now.

Crystal monster piece I did for Wayfinder #21
Crystal monster piece I did for Wayfinder #21

Wayfinder #21 drops next week, and is the first issue of all Pathfinder 2E content. It features an adventure just outside of Absalom that is perfect for players of the Agents of Edgewatch adventure path. Or, at least, I think so, but I did write it.

Shield piece I did for Wayfinder #21
Shield piece I did for Wayfinder #21

If you’d rather Starfinder content, Wayfinder #19 and #20 are all Starfinder material, and again, are totally free. There’s really no reason not to check them out!

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Until next time Starfinders!

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