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Starfinder – Return to the Endless Horizon

I’ve been thinking more about my Endless Horizon plane/setting. The more I consider it, the more I like the idea of this prison plane that the Gods have used as a dumping ground since the dawn of time, populated by gigantic monsters, horrific titans, and a whole host of other dangers, but also random pockets of civilization (which may or may not have been cast out by the Gods for some reason, travelers beware). Its a departure from the regular Starfinder setting, skewing more toward a post-apocalyptic survival game setting but retaining the sci-fantasy trappings. It may not be for all groups, but for the moment it has my affection, and I may work up some adventures there if people are interested.

Guardian of the Northern Mountains by Brian Valeza
Guardian of the Northern Mountains by Brian Valeza

If you are going to play in the Endless Horizon, without a starship, the party are going to want to some kind of mobile home base. Looking to Godzilla Vs Kong for inspiration, the HEAV is a great example. An armed hover/flying transport that can carry numerous individuals and gear, with a long term power source that should keep the party in charges until such time as the plot demands it no longer does. So what would that look like Starfinder? Thankfully the vehicle rules on page 228 of the CRB have us covered

Kong and the HEAVs from Godzilla Vs Kong
Kong and the HEAVs from Godzilla Vs Kong

H.E.A.V (Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle)

Item Level 6; Price 9,105

Huge land and air vehicle (10 ft. wide, 20 ft. long, 10 ft. high)

Speed 35 ft., full 750 ft., 95 mph (ground and fly)

EAC 19; KAC 21; Cover total cover

HP 90 (45); Hardness 8

Attack (Collision) 6d8 B (DC 14)

Attack dual guns (2d12 P)

Attack missile launchers (2d8 P, 15 ft.)

Modifiers +2 Piloting, –2 attack (–4 at full speed)

Systems autopilot (Piloting +13), enhanced sensors (darkvision 120 ft.); Passengers 8

The H.E.A.V. is an air vehicle with 4 mobile turbines that emit an unknown energy that allow it to float and manipulate the gravity around it. The entrance to the H.E.A.V. is located at the rear. Its door opens outward, creating a ramp so that it is possible to enter.

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