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Extra Life and some Art

I’m working on more content for y’all, but this week is just a little bit of a grab bag. First off, I’ve been working on some new character art, something to use for your more martial Starfinder characters. I’ve been calling him the Castrovel Devil.

Castrovel Devil art
Part Daredevil, Part Judge Dread, all space soldier?

Next up, I’ll be part of the Extra Life stream tomorrow at 10am CST. Come listen to us fumble our way through Book 2 of Against the Aeon Throne!

Lastly I’ll be putting a poll up on Facebook and Twitter on what kind of content people like to see on the blog. I’m happy to keep up with the shotgun approach of whatever crazy stuff pops into my head each week, but thought I’d see what kinds of posts people are actually most interested in.

As always, if you liked this post, or any of the other material available on Solo Run Studio feel free to spot me some coffee money (just click the coffee cup shaped icon on the bottom right of the page.)

Until next time Starfinders!

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Jeremy Corff

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