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Recent Publications by Jeremy Corff

If you like what you read on Solo Run Studio, I can honestly say that the work I’ve done for publishers, which benefits from editors and other writers collaborating on it, is exponentially better. Here is a list of my recent publications:

Stellar Options: Mental Mysteries

Mental Mysteries: This expansion product for Starfinder brings in more psychic themed options for casters, not the least of which is the Thoughtdrinker

Star Classes: Nanomancer

The Nanomancer: a new class for Starfinder that fits somewhere between the Mechanic and the Technomancer, with it’s own unique nanotech magic.

Stellar Options: Aether Connections

Aether Connections: Some Aethera content, this time expanding on the character options opened up by the unique material Aether!

Added Value: A Cyberpunk Style Adventure for Starfinder

Added Value – A Cyberpunk Style Starfinder Adventure: Lovingly crafted at every stage, this is my labor of love and a pretty dang good adventure if I don’t say so myself.

Aethera Field Guide

The Aethera Field Guide: I contributed several aliens to this fun beastiary for the Aethera Setting by Legendary Games.

Aethera Plant Symbionts

Aethera Plant Symbionts: Another Aethera Setting (Starfinder Compatible) publication, this time full of funky alien plants that want to get close to you.

Stellar Options: Xenobiology

Xenobiology: a Starfinder character options expansion full of alien biology.

Stellar Options: Outer Rim Themes

Outer Rim Themes: Looking for some gritty Starfinder themes about heroes just scraping by? Look no further!

Stellar Options: Inner Core Themes

Inner Core Themes: With character themes like War Correspondent, Mystic Detective, and more!

Aethera Adventures: Wanted in the Wastes

Aethera Adventures – Wanted in the Waste: updated for Starfiner by yours truly, this is the intro adventure for the Aethera setting. Great for introducing your players to the gritty post-war world of Aethera!


Available for free, Wayfinder is a fan made publication for Pathfinder and Starfinder that I have contributed to for many years now. Tons of fantastic content, available for no cost to you!

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