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Starfinder – Telekinetic Lash

Back this week after Valentines and a Snowpocalypse! Watching the new Mortal Kombat trailer, I was struck by a contrast – other game systems have low level spells that allow the caster to do a base line of damage and minorly reposition their target, but Starfinder just has some low damage cantrips. How is a Scorpion fan supposed to get their “Get over here!” action on with that? Or, for that matter, do the whole Jedi thing of dragging their enemies into lightsaber range? So with that in mind…

Street Fighter 5, The Force Unleashed, and Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter 5, The Force Unleashed, and Mortal Kombat


Classes Mystic 0
School abjuration (force)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range close (20 ft. + 5 ft./3 levels)
Target one creature
Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw Fortitude; Spell Resistance yes


You create a lasso of telekinetic force that draws your target closer. Make a ranged attack against its KAC. If you hit, you deal your Wisdom modifier in bludgeoning damage to the target, and the target may attempt a Fortitude save or be pulled 10 feet toward you. The distance pulled increase by 5 feet at 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter. Solid objects do not block this ability, but any creature that runs into a solid object ceases moving closer to you. Creatures moved by this ability do not provoke attacks of opportunity from this movement.

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