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Starfinder – Incarnum Incarnate

As promised, this week we return to the concepts laid out in Magic of Incarnum, by James Wyatt, Richard Backer, Frank Brunner, and Stephen Schubert. Unlike with the totemic connection, where the source of power for the character is via spiritually embodiment of various magical beasts, this time their power comes from a moral conviction so strong it draws on the aligned plane associated with that alignment. There are already soldier fighting styles that rely on a planar connection, so it seems like a natural fit to expand into that design space, allowing a soldier to be become Law incarnate in Starfinder!

Mercy from Overwatch, showing what a Lawful Good soldier with the Planar Ethic style might look like
Mercy from Overwatch, showing what a Lawful Good soldier with the Planar Ethic style might look like


Practitioners of the planar ethic style have convictions so strong they form an arcane connection to the plane most closely related to that conviction, whether that might be Law, Chaos, Good, or Evil. You cannot have a Neutral element to your alignment and take this style. By choosing this style, you create this link and use it to infuse your weapon attacks, and eventually your very soul, with the power inherent in the associated plane. As your martial skill increases, so does your planar bond. This stronger union transforms you until you are as much Outsider as your original species.

This style adds bonus fusions to a weapon you wield. No weapon can gain a fusion it already has. However, these bonus fusions don’t count toward the maximum total level of fusions the weapon can have at once.

Infused Armament (Su) – 1st Level

So long as you have at least one Resolve Point, any weapon you wield is infused with planar power. Your melee and ranged attacks count as magic for the purposes of bypassing damage reduction and other situations, such as attacking incorporeal creatures. Your conviction also gives you a +2 divine bonus to Will saves.

Aligned Fusion (Su) – 5th Level

Your weapons are considered to have a fusion associated with your alignment, chosen each day when you regain all your Resolve Points. You must chose a fusion that is associated with part of your alignment.

Anarchic – Chaotic

Axiomatic – Lawful

Holy – Good

Unholy – Evil

Concept Infusion (Su) – 9th Level

You gain the ability to infuse some portion of your soul with a planar concept associated with your alignment. You may invest Resolve Points into your augment slots every day when you regain your Resolve. You must not have an augment in a slot in order to invest Resolve Points into it, and may only have one concept invested in any one augment slot. Resolve Points must be invested at the start of a day when you regain Resolve Points, and cannot be used for any other purpose once invested. You can only ever have half of your total Resolve Points (rounded down, minimum 1) invested at any point in time. Your augment slots are as follows: Arms, Brain, Ears, Eyes, Feet, Hands, Heart, Legs, Lungs, Skin, Spinal Column, and Throat.

Soul Infusion (Su) – 13th Level

You gain access to an additional augment slot, your Soul, to invest Resolve Points into. You may only have one point invested in your Soul slot.

Ethic Apotheosis (Su) – 17th Level

Choose Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law. Once chosen this cannot be changed. Depending on which you chose, you gain the following type and subtype in addition to your base type and subtype. You gain all abilities associated with the additional type and subtype, unless specified otherwise.

Chaos – Outsider with the Protean subtype. Your blindsense is (life) 60 ft. You do not gain flight, change shape, or grab.

Evil – Outsider with the Demon subtype. You do not gain the ability to summon allies.

Good – Outsider with the Azata subtype.

Law – Outsider with the Inevitable subtype.


Anarchy – Chaos

Brain – You gain a +2 insight bonus to saves vs compulsion effects.

Legs – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Acrobatics checks.

Soul – You may cast confusion as a spell-like ability a number of times a day equal to half your level. This version of the spell ignores spell resistance and even effects mindless creatures and creatures immune to mind-affecting effects.

Change – Chaos

Brain – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Initiative.

Heart – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Disguise.

Soul – You gain the shapechanger subtype and the change shape universal monster rule. This ability has the polymorph descriptor, and you must design one polymorph form to use with this ability. You must comply with all restrictions imposed by a 4th-level polymorph spell when designing this form, and you can’t design a form of a creature that has an Intelligence modifier of −3 or lower.

Corruption – Evil

Throat – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Bluff checks.

Lungs – As a standard action you can expel a breath weapon in a 15- foot cone as an extraordinary ability. This breath weapon deals 4d6 acid damage and staggers targets for 1d4 rounds. A successful Reflex save halves the damage and negates the staggered effect. You are not harmed by using your own breath weapon. Once you’ve used your breath weapon, you can’t use it again until you’ve rested for 10 minutes to regain Stamina Points

Soul – Your melee and ranged attacks deal an additional 1d6 damage that is half acid and half unholy. As part of the action you use to attack, damage from the weapon you are using ignores hardness equal to your soldier level.

Empathy – Good

Throat – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Diplomacy checks.

Heart – As a reaction when an adjacent ally is attacked, you can grant that ally a circumstance bonus equal to half your level to its AC against that attack. If you do so, you take a penalty to your own Armor Class equal to half your level until the beginning of your next turn.

Soul – Three times per day, you can cast mystic cure, mass as a spell-like ability.

Equality – Good

Arms – You gain fortification that gives you a 20% chance that a critical hit is treated as a normal attack, dealing normal damage and not applying any critical effect.

Hands – You gain a +2 insight bonus on any check made to aid another.

Soul – Three times per day, you can cast a spell from the following list as a spell-like ability: alter enhancement, dismissal, knock, remove affliction, and tongues.

Greed – Evil

Eyes – You gain a +4 insight bonus to all Profession checks.

Hands – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Sleight of Hand checks and combat maneuver attacks to disarm.

Soul – As part of an attack or full attack you can spend 1 Resolve Point to steal part of a creature’s life force and transfer it to yourself. You must hit the target with your attack, which deals an additional 1d4 damage for every 4 levels you have. You heal an amount of Hit Points equal to the damage dealt. If this heals the you up to maximum Hit Points, any excess persists for 1 hour as temporary Hit Points. If your attack misses, you don’t lose the Resolve Point.

Honor – Law

Arms – You you can focus your fury and attention on a single foe, forcing it to face your wrath. As a full action, you can move up to your speed and make a single attack against a foe able to see and hear you. Whether or not you move or make an attack, you can attempt to demoralize that foe, as per the Intimidate skill task. If your base attack bonus is greater than your total Intimidate skill bonus, you can use your base attack bonus in place of your total Intimidate bonus for this skill check. If you succeed at this check, for the duration of the shaken effect, the target is also off-target for any attack it makes that does not include you as a target. Once you use this ability against a foe, regardless of the result of your demoralize attempt, you can’t use it on that target again for 24 hours.

Spinal Column – You gain a +2 insight bonus to saves vs fear effects.

Soul – Your devotion to honor reinforces your resolve. Three times per day, when targeted by a mind-affecting effect that requires a saving throw, you can roll twice and take the better result.

Justice – Law

Ears – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Sense Motive checks.

Legs – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Athletics checks and combat maneuver attacks to trip.

Soul – Your attacks reveal the true nature of your opponent. When a target is hit by your attack, any illusions or spells that change the target’s appearance or shape (such as polymorph) are subject to dispel magic with a caster level equal to your level. If the target is disguised, all creatures viewing the target can attempt a Perception check with a +10 circumstance bonus to pierce the disguise.

Liberty – Chaos

Heart – You gain a +2 insight bonus to saves vs enchantment spells and effects.

Skin – Once per day, as a reaction when you’re subjected to a condition, you can delay the onset of that condition for 1 round. This ability can be used to delay only the following conditions: asleep, confused, cowering, fascinated, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, shaken, sickened, staggered, and stunned. When a round of delay ends, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to extend the delay by 1 round. Time spent delaying counts against the condition’s duration, and if another effect ends the condition before the delay ends, the condition doesn’t affect you further.

Soul – You are constantly under the effects of the personal gravity spell, and three times per day can cast flight as a 3rd level spell.

Loyalty – Law

Eyes – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Computers checks.

Heart – As part of a Will save you may spend a Resolve Point to grant all allies within 30 ft. a +2 divine bonus to their save.

Soul – As a standard action, you can cast shield other as a spell-like ability without having to spend a Resolve Point. You can use this ability a number of times a day equal to half your level.

Righteousness – Good

Arms – You gain a +4 bonus to your KAC against disarm and sunder combat maneuvers.

Brain – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Diplomacy checks.

Soul – As a part of an attack or full attack action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to make a righteous strike against an evil dragon, evil outsider, or undead creature. This attack ignores all cover and concealment, including total concealment (though you must at least be aware of a creature’s presence to target it with this attack) and your attack ignores any one form of DR, resistance, or immunity to damage the target has (your choice). If the attack is a ranged attack, the target must be within the first range increment. The attack only affects your selected target, even if it normally affects an area or multiple targets. If your attack misses, you don’t lose the Resolve Point.

Wrath – Evil

Hands – Your fury fuels your attacks, give you a -1 penalty to hit but +1 bonus to damage on attacks.

Throat – You gain a +2 insight bonus to Intimidate checks and combat maneuver attacks to sunder.

Soul – As a move action, you can spend a Resolve Point to tap into your inner fury, growing in size and tenacity. You and your gear become Large, gaining a space and reach of 10 feet, plus the ferocity ability. If too little space exists for you to grow, you grow as large as you can, distorting in shape so you still have extended reach. In addition, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to melee damage rolls, Strength checks, and Strength-based skill checks, and takes a –1 penalty to Armor Class. After 1 minute, you revert back to your original form and becomes fatigued for 1 minute. You cannot use this ability while fatigued.

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