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Starfinder – level 1 adventure Added Value, part 1

Something I’ve been itching to do since Starfinder came out is a gritty cyberpunk style adventure like the Walter Jon Williams and William Gibson books I read as a kid. Morally grey crime/spy/hacker adventure where the protagonists are at the tip of the fulcrum between powerful factions and just trying to get out alive with a few extra credits to their name.

I’ve no doubt someday we will see an adventure path like that. Starfinder is a great system for a variety of adventure flavors, I know we’ll get to this one eventually.

In the mean time, I thought I’d prime the pump with a little bit of cyberpunk action myself.

Cover of Neuromancer, by William Gibson

Added Value

Added Value is an adventure for first level Starfinder characteres, set in a system neutral metropolis. If you want to incorporate it into the default Pact Worlds setting, you can place it on Verces in the city of Kashak, or possibly a city on Apostae.

The Setup

Neebon Biotech is an up an coming corp that has been making strides in the field of full body cyber and biotech implant systems. An upstart in the field, they have been displacing some of the larger and more established corps with innovative ideas and tech that is several steps ahead of their competitors. This has made them no few enemies, and as the adventure begins, one of those enemies has begun a multi-pronged corporate espionage campaign poised to wipe Neebon Biotech off the map entirely, and swipe their IP in the process.

Nalak Chambo, an cybersurgeon and black market enhancement dealer, caught word of the upcoming action through one of her clients. Hoping to get a piece of the pie, and with no more than a few hours to make a play herself, she put out a call for some local talent to get in, grab some data, and get out. The risk is small for her, just a few hundred credits of up front money to get willing adventures of flexible morality to attempt the task, with a potential payoff in the hundreds of thousands if they are able to procure some of the military grade tech and procedures in the chaos to come. And if they should fail, she has done her best to ensure nothing connects her to the action.

To that end, each of the adventurers receive the following digital message on their comms, forwarded from a trusted source:

Greetings Cutter!

You don’t know me, but I’ve heard you were looking for a few extra credits, and had the skills needed to get them. Just the kind of person I’m in need of today.

Be at Menabon Noodles and Sundries on 1400 and Manticore at 1530, take the outside table by the front window, and you will receive an upfront payment of 200 credits. More details when you arrive.

The Inquiring Mind

The party that forwarded the message should be someone the player trusts, and a possible contact for future jobs. They will vouch for the message as seeming legit, but don’t know anything more.

A DC 25 computers check on the message reveals that it was sent locally, from an account created specifically made just to send the message.

A DC 15 culture check reveals that the Inquiring Mind was an audio drama from several years ago about a diagnostician willing to use unconventional methods to treat increasingly unlikely maladies in their patients. Critics agree that it became completely unbelievable in season 3, but lasted for 6 seasons.

The Meet

Menabon Noodles and Sundries is a local eatery that caters in fusion cuisine melding the cooking styles of a variety of species and cultures. It’s a bit hit or miss, but their noodle bowls are popular. Scouting the place ahead of time does not reveal any further information, and Computers checks to research it scores a coupon for 5 credits off, but nothing further. Assuming the players show, this is a chance for them to introduce their characters and do a little roleplay.

At exactly 1530 local time a courier drone flies over to the table and drops a box containing a datapad and a small data drive. The drone is a standard courier model, clearly labeled as part of a national courier service, with a stern warning on it that any damage to the drone will result in a fine and charges of destruction of property. It does not land, simply delivers the datapad and data drive, then departs. A few seconds later the datapad activates, playing a pre-recorded presentation. It says the following:

Welcome Cutters, and thanks for your timely answer to my call. Without further adieu, I need you all to go to the Neebon Biotech facility tonight at 2000. Get in, connect the data drive provided to the floor facility mainframe, and get out. Nothing else happening there is your concern.

Agree to the task and you will receive 200 credits each transferred to your accounts. Finish the job, and you each get an additional 1300 credits.

If that seems amenable to you, place you thumb in the signing area on this datapad. If not, then have a good life Cutter, because we won’t be doing business again.


The Inquiring Mind

There are enough squares below the message for all players to apply a thumb print. Assuming they do they can check their accounts to see they have received a 200 credit anonymous payment the moment they signed.

Check back next week for more!

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Until next time Starfinders!

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